Emily Reynolds


Why You Should Make a 'Digital Will'

We spoke to psychologist Elaine Kasket about her new book that looks at what happens to our data when we die.
Emily Reynolds

Big Dick Energy: Explained

What is it? Who has it? Who does not?
Emily Reynolds

Virtual Reality Makes Avatars More Important Than Ever

Immersing yourself in an alternative universe is VR’s selling point. But how do the avatars that populate these worlds impact our experiences and our behaviour?
Emily Reynolds

​VR Needs to Be Pleasurable for Women Before VR Porn Can Be

Virtual reality is designed for men.
Emily Reynolds
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

What's It Like to Be in a Band When You're Living with Bipolar Disorder?

"When you’re manic," explains Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus, "it can be dangerous to have a lot of people respond to it positively."
Emily Reynolds
Silicon Divide

Automation Was Supposed to Liberate Women. What Happened?

Feminists thought automation would break down gender stereotypes in the workplace—but it could also entrench them even deeper.
Emily Reynolds
lit up

How Optogenetics Could Shine a Light on the Causes and Treatment of OCD

Pulsing light on genetically modified neurons revealed a link between specific brain cells and compulsive behaviour.
Emily Reynolds

I Sent Everyone I've Ever Had Sex with a Survey to Find Out How Good I Am in Bed

Apparently I'm a bit "ferocious," but I give great head.
Emily Reynolds