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Here’s How Scientists Think Coronavirus Spreads from Bats to Humans

Bats carry tons of viruses, but they don't usually get sick from them.
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climate change

The Scientist Hunting for Cave Crystals to Understand Climate Change

These 30,000-year-old crystals formed when permafrost melted in the last Ice Age.
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Katherine Tutrone
Brittany Ross

Turkey's Offensive Against the Kurds in Syria is Underway and Already Deadly

President Erdoğan launched airstrikes and sent in troops after Trump pulled U.S. forces from the region, abandoning a key ally in the fight against ISIS.
Alex Lubben
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Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas. So People Are Shooting Them from Helicopters.

Did someone say 30 to 50 feral hogs? More like 6-9 million.
Katherine Tutrone
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Michael Shade

This 14-Year-Old Climate Activist Is Giving Up School to Save the World

"World leaders have failed us," says 8th grader Alexandria Villaseñor.
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Katherine Tutrone
Explosion porn

The U.S. Government Made Fireworks Explosion Porn Just For You

Before setting off fireworks, please use your melon.
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women's rights

The war to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment just took a hit. But the battle isn't over.

Only one more state needs to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which aims to ban sex discrimination.
Carter Sherman
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She's Governing

No U.S. state legislature has ever been majority-women — until now

Nevada's 80th legislative session kicked off Monday with 32 women serving in the Legislature — and only 31 men.
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supreme court

The Supreme Court fight over this rare frog could change the fate of all endangered species

The dusky gopher frog is on the brink of extinction, and protecting timber land is its best chance at survival.
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Christina Sterbenz
russia investigation

Here's how much Americans bitterly disagree about the Mueller investigation

One year into Mueller's investigation, Democrats and Republicans are crazy divided over the probe.
Taylor Dolven
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The Castro era just officially ended in Cuba

86-year-old Raúl Castro stepped down after 10 years as Cuba’s president.
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march for our lives

How one Parkland teacher is making sure the #neveragain movement never stops

She's helping build an organization through the American Federation of Teachers
Erica K. Landau
Kathleen Caulderwood
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