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Michigan Governor Releases Emails About Flint's Water — But There’s a 7-Month Gap

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder released 274 pages of emails in an attempt at transparency, but there’s no correspondence from a critical period in early 2015.
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In Photos: A Community in the Crosshairs of the Dominican Republic's Naturalization Law

In the eastern outskirts of Santo Domingo, is a community of mostly Haitian descent. Founded as a camp for Haitian sugar cane workers, it is now marred in poverty and neglect.
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In Photos: Anger Flares Over Tonight's Deportation Deadline in the Dominican Republic

Wednesday's 7pm deadline for Haitians to register and avoid deportation was moved to midnight, but that did little to dispel their frustration.
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This Sheriff Is Battling Budget Cuts and Fighting to Keep Mentally Ill People Out of Jail

After lawmakers in Illinois and Chicago slashed funding for mental health resources, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart opened a clinic for inmates connected to the local courthouse.
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Bosnians' Worst Enemy Is Their Own Government

Earlier this year, civil unrest and a natural disaster helped unite Bosnians against a common foe — their own dysfunctional system of government.
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Militants' Claim of Mali Red Cross Kidnapping Signals Resurgence

The alleged kidnappings may be the latest in a series of abductions perpetrated to drum up money to fund terrorism.
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