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This Christian Rock Record Is Hiding a Secret Commodore 64 Program

The nine-line BASIC program was hidden in the run-out groove of a Prodigal record for 35 years until a YouTuber uncovered it over the weekend.
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2 days ago
Analogue Pocket

This Portable System Plays Game Boy Games and Has a Better Screen Than Your Smartphone

The Analogue Pocket is a premium portable made for hardcore retro gamers.
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Flash Is Responsible for the Internet's Most Creative Era

A new book highlighting the visual evolution of web design paints a picture of a risk-taking creative culture that hasn’t been quite the same since Steve Jobs stuck a knife into Flash.
Ernie Smith

The Many Ways Planned Obsolescence Is Sabotaging How We Preserve Internet History

We keep screwing over yesterday’s technology due to an intent focus on what we’re doing today. The problem of planned obsolescence is only getting worse.
Ernie Smith

What Happened to Gateway, the Cow Computer Company?

Thinking about the globalization of the computer industry through the story of Gateway.
Ernie Smith

Mechanical Keyboards Are Thriving Because Apple and Microsoft Don't Make Them

Mechanical keyboards have become hip again, despite near-complete disinterest in the form by mainstream computer-makers. The little guy is picking up the slack.
Ernie Smith

The Most Clever 'Zip Bomb' Ever Made Explodes a 46MB File to 4.5 Petabytes

Files so deeply compressed that they’re effectively malware have been around for decades—and a researcher just unveiled a brand-new Zip bomb that explodes a 46-megabyte file to 4.5 petabytes of data.
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Microsoft's 'Stranger Things' Gag Doesn't Make Sense Because No One Used Windows 1.0

Windows may be the winner now, but it was a cultural nonentity in 1985.
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The PC of Your Dreams Might be Hiding in a Company’s Surplus Bin

The charm of buying old workstation hardware on the cheap to support your modern computing needs. If it doesn’t work for them, it might just work for you.
Ernie Smith

Who Kept Buying the Mac Pro Everyone Hated?

As the 2013 Mac Pro ages out and its long-awaited replacement enters the frame, the trash-can-era Mac Pro will probably be remembered by most professional users as a bad memory. But it won’t disappear completely.
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How to Turn a Windows Laptop Into the Touchscreen Hackintosh of Your Dreams

If you're sick of MacBooks but love MacOS, be brave and convert a new laptop into a Hackintosh with our exhaustive guide.
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Video Games

The Famous 'NESticle' Emulator’s Stolen Source Code Has Been Preserved

The release and preservation of the stolen source code to the iconic 90s NES emulator NESticle reflects a new chapter in a controversial saga with deep roots.
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