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The PC of Your Dreams Might be Hiding in a Company’s Surplus Bin

The charm of buying old workstation hardware on the cheap to support your modern computing needs. If it doesn’t work for them, it might just work for you.
Ernie Smith

Who Kept Buying the Mac Pro Everyone Hated?

As the 2013 Mac Pro ages out and its long-awaited replacement enters the frame, the trash-can-era Mac Pro will probably be remembered by most professional users as a bad memory. But it won’t disappear completely.
Ernie Smith

How to Turn a Windows Laptop Into the Touchscreen Hackintosh of Your Dreams

If you're sick of MacBooks but love MacOS, be brave and convert a new laptop into a Hackintosh with our exhaustive guide.
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Video Games

The Famous 'NESticle' Emulator’s Stolen Source Code Has Been Preserved

The release and preservation of the stolen source code to the iconic 90s NES emulator NESticle reflects a new chapter in a controversial saga with deep roots.
Ernie Smith

Is Adobe’s Creative Cloud Too Powerful for Its Own Good?

Why the creative software giant Adobe deserves a place in the broader discussion of breaking up tech giants like Facebook and Google. It’s not just Photoshop.
Ernie Smith

The Joystick Artisan

From the arcades to the living room, how the controller has evolved—and why one tech historian, Benj Edwards, started building his own.
Ernie Smith

Are Hackintosh Users More Passionate About the Mac Than Apple?

The Hackintosh has become a phenomenon in recent years, despite knotty ethical questions, because Apple’s neglected superfans won’t stop thinking different.
Ernie Smith

The Creative Commons Avoid a Tragedy on Flickr

SmugMug, the current owners of the photo-sharing platform Flickr, are changing the platform’s model, but says it will maintain its support for Creative Commons. Not every company that has relied on the license in the past can say that.
Ernie Smith

Sega Finally Gets the Retro Console Treatment It Deserves

Analogue, the company that has rethought Nintendo’s retro home consoles for the modern day, is taking on much of Sega’s back library with the just-announced Mega Sg.
Ernie Smith

Meet the Community Keeping Obsolete Supercomputers Alive

Nearly 30 years after Silicon Graphics ruled the high-performance computing roost, its supercomputers have found themselves a new home with a small community full of enthusiasts—some of whom weren’t even alive during the company’s heyday.
Ernie Smith

Close Your Browser Tabs. You Won’t Miss Them.

A case in favor of browser tab minimalism, or closing the tabs you’re not using. Sometimes, information overload has its limits.
Ernie Smith

Apple Should Make a Mechanical Keyboard

Apple seems to be doing everything in its power to minimize the imprint of the button on its trillion-dollar business, but the company could earn some goodwill from creatives with a fresh take on the mechanical keyboard.
Ernie Smith