Esme Blegvad


The Guide to Getting Into Cocteau Twins, the Hypnotic Dream-Pop Pioneers

As told from someone who grew up around their beautiful yet ugly dystopia.
James Greig

The A to Z of Softbois

From the one who makes you watch Wes Anderson on his floor mattress, to the grade-schooler you babysat who can now roll his own cigarettes.
Iona Erskine
Into The K-Pop World

The Complexity and Fun of Being a Queer, Femme K-Pop Fan

Despite there being only one openly gay idol, many LGBTQ+ people find solace and joy in an industry that's notoriously conservative.
Biju Belinky

We Asked Some Gen Z Kids How They Discover New Music

In a world of algorithms, angry old music fans and no more HMV, what exactly draws the next generation to their new, favorite artists?
Ryan Bassil
Obsessive Tendencies

Miley Cyrus’s Collab With Mark Ronson Is the Best Thing She’s Ever Done

Inject that melancholy country music and disco strings into my veins pls
Daisy Jones
Obsessive Tendencies

Dance Music Acts Sample This 80s Piano Line So Much for a Reason

From M People and Liquid to Bulgarian DJ KiNK, Marshall Jefferson's bittersweet chords on Cece Rogers’ “Someday” still stand the test of time.
Daisy Jones

How Music and Memory Work Together When You’re Processing Trauma

A song can transport our minds back in time – but there may be ways to unlearn the pain we associate with a piece of music, too.
Ben Charlie Smoke
Obsessive Tendencies

In Being Honest, Lily Allen Makes It Easier for the Rest of Us

I found myself feeling many things when reading the popstar’s new memoir, 'My Thoughts Exactly,' but mainly I felt relief.
Daisy Jones

Inside the Highly Strange World of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

How an unlikely punk kid from Scranton began an emotional trap phenomenon called Gothboiclique, now forced to move forward after Lil Peep's passing.
Emma Garland

Blood Orange Has Slowly Built an Extraordinary Canon

‘Negro Swan,’ out today, marks another step in a musical universe that the singer and producer has been forming for years.
Daisy Jones

Why Hasn’t There Been a Huge UK Girl Band Since Little Mix?

A series of new groups have been hotly tipped but failed to make it big—but maybe the concept itself has become outdated.
Jake Hall
Obsessive Tendencies

The Virgin Suicides Score and the Dark, Blissful Sound of a Heatwave

French electronic duo Air captured an energy that sits somewhere between darkness and warmth, and feels like a fever.
Daisy Jones