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Meet the Netherlands' Biggest Pineapple Obsessive

I met up with Prins Ananas, a.k.a. Lex Boon, about his long-running pineapple research project that has culminated with him becoming a pineapple trader himself.
Felicia Alberding

We Spoke to a Chef Who Has Made 143 Types of Mac and Cheese

Luc Martin's 143rd creation is the stuff of dreams (or nightmares): a mac-and-cheese-stuffed sausage.
Felicia Alberding

How to Make Fancy Cocktails When You're Broke as Hell

We talked to mixologist Tess Posthumus about the best craft cocktails to make at home if you're on a tight budget.
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canned food

How a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Inspired a Gourmet Canned Food Company

The team behind Holland's Coco Conserven produces top-quality rillettes, ribollita, and ragout with local ingredients on a small scale.
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I Ate Pulled Horse and Charcuterie at This Pop-Up Horse Restaurant

“What we’re trying to avoid is being moralistic. Horse meat is healthy, and yet nobody eats it. Why would you eat a cow, but not a horse?"
Felicia Alberding

We Spoke to the White Asparagus Queen of Limburg

At 22 years old, Sharon Martens spends nine months of the year as a hairdresser, and three months as the most important representative of Limburg asparagus.
Felicia Alberding

This Chef Is Trying to Turn Food Into Museum Artwork

Chef Jasper Udink ten Cate is turning beaches into food and beef carpaccio into camouflage. We spoke to the chef about why he wants his cuisine to end up at the MoMa.
Felicia Alberding

Pig's Milk Cheese Is Tasty, But It Won't Make You Rich

In the Dutch town of Bathmen, pig farmer Erik Stegink is trying his hand at making cheese with the milk of his sows. The downside? Milking a pig is a time-consuming chore.
Felicia Alberding

Amsterdam’s Milk Bar Wants You to Drink Milk Like Wine

MelkSalon, a pop-up milk bar in Amsterdam, is helping change contemporary notions of milk-drinking altogether. For one month, you can sip on pure, creamy white milk and rub elbows with Dutch farmers at the same time.
Felicia Alberding
Horse Meat

Meet the Young Dutch Butcher Who Is Trying to Save Horse Meat

At Ernste, a butcher shop in Arnhem, Netherlands, Appie Botter is trying to save the dying practice of eating horse. You could even say he's taking the reins on a forgotten culinary tradition.
Felicia Alberding

This Man Is Changing the Way Dutch People Think About Eggs

"I cannot feed the world and I don’t want to," says Ruud Zanders. Bucking the trend of big poultry and egg-laying operations, Zanders wants to go small-scale—and he doesn't give a damn about profits.
Felicia Alberding

What If You Could Detox from Drinking Beer?

Volcanic rocks, hashish, beard hair, oysters—we’re no longer surprised to find that there’s more to our beers than your regular malt, hops and yeast. But what if you could detox while actually drinking your beer?
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