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Broad Strokes

Making Art as Immigrant Black Women in America

Precious Okoyomon and Phoebe Collings-James sit down to discuss their work, locating a sense of home, and how male bees are useless.
Gabby Bess

What It's Like to Be Hit on By a Pick-Up Artist

Artist Angela Washko took a deep dive into the pick-up artist community to create an immersive video game that allows its players to interact with "seduction gurus"—from a safe distance.
Gabby Bess

Some Good News for Once: Smoking Weed Won't Give You Anxiety

A new analysis debunks the myth that cannabis use causes anxiety disorder symptoms.
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sexual assault

Models Have No Real Recourse When They're Sexually Harassed On Set

In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, models have begun speaking out about sexual abuse in the fashion industry, where young and vulnerable women and men are too often exploited. A proposed law in New York would help change that.
Gabby Bess

The Hero Student Journalist Who Asked Richard Spencer About Getting Punched

We talked to Eman Elshahawy, a self-proclaimed "beautiful brown woman" who confronted the white nationalist during his speech at the University of Florida on Thursday.
Gabby Bess

White Cop Convicted of Fatally Shooting Teen Daughter's Black Boyfriend

After three mistrials, a jury convicted former Oklahoma police officer Shannon Kepler of manslaughter for the death of 19-year-old Jeremey Lake in 2014.
Gabby Bess
sexual assault

This Controversial Program Teaches Women to Spot 'Pre-Rape' Warning Signs

Professor Charlene Senn developed a research-backed method to help women defend themselves from attackers, but some detractors say the program puts the burden for sexual assault prevention on victims.
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Cold Takes

I Know We've All Moved On But I Can't Stop Thinking About 'Daddy'

In 2017, two full years after everyone finished discussing the concept of "daddy," I had to wonder: What makes someone daddy?
Gabby Bess
Unscrewing Ourselves

Why We Need to Empower Black Girls to Take Control of Their Own Sex Lives

Girls of color face myriad barriers when it comes to getting information about their sexual health. Laesha Brown, the program coordinator for Get Smart B4 U Get Sexy, is working to change that.
Gabby Bess

How the Socialist Feminists of WITCH Use Magic to Fight Capitalism

The first incarnation of WITCH performed their inaugural action—a hex on Wall Street—on Halloween in 1968. Now a new generation of witches is taking up the mantle from the infamous provocateurs.
Gabby Bess

This Man Is Erecting a Huge Statue of a Nude Woman by the Washington Monument

He says it's for equality.
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reproductive rights

In 13 States, Parents Can Force Teen Moms to Give Birth Without an Epidural

Across the country, minors are required to get parental consent for "non-emergency" medical care. But when there's no exception for pregnancy, teenagers suffer for it.
Gabby Bess