Gabriela Herstik


A Modern Witch's Guide to Celebrating the Fall Equinox

If you don't have time to meditate or cast a spell honoring the Mother Goddess, you can always just throw a big party.
Gabriela Herstik

The Men Who Love to Worship Satan and Summon Demons

As more young women get into paganism and crystal work, men are also turning to the occult for answers, power, and good Tinder pick up lines.
Gabriela Herstik

​The Broadly Guide to Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Today is the day the sun sits directly above the Tropic of Cancer, appearing to stand still as the longest day of the year rolls out over the sky. Get your herbs ready, witches!
Gabriela Herstik

The Haunting World of Jewish Female Demons and Spirits

Untamed female sex demons, possessive evil spirits, brainless mud men, and even some exorcisms. Who says Jews don't know how to get down with the dark side?
Gabriela Herstik

How to Use Faeries in Your Magic this Equinox

The spring equinox, a day of equal sunlight and equal darkness, means it's a good time to work with faeries who tend to hang out in liminal spaces.
Gabriela Herstik

If Hillary Clinton Becomes President, Who Will Be the First Lady?

By definition, the First Lady is "the wife or hostess of the chief executive of a country or jurisdiction." Would Bill take the job? Or would Hillary look for a more suitable candidate?
Gabriela Herstik

Ritual Graffiti, Witch Marks, and the Medieval Churches who Cast Curses

Etched in the ancient walls and pews of Medieval churches are spells, talismans, and curses. They were created by both the parishioners and, more surprisingly, their church.
Gabriela Herstik

The Cunning Female Demons and Ghosts of Ancient Japan

What seems to trap a woman between this life and the beyond is the anguish of being hurt by those closest to her.
Gabriela Herstik

​Casting a Light on The Light Witch, Photographer Courtney Brooke

By weaving a relationship with witchcraft and spirituality into her visual work, Brooke has been able to explore rituals, paganism and feminism in a haven all her own.
Gabriela Herstik

New World, Old Newts: Five Women Show Us Their Sacred Altars

Whether you're hoarding crystals or curating trinkets from traveling, an altar is the perfect way to find connection to something bigger than yourself.
Gabriela Herstik

The Broadly Guide to the Winter Solstice

Tonight is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and a significant event for pagans. Here is how to properly celebrate it—be it with wine and the annual cow slaughter, with Tarot cards, or with passionate sex magick.
Gabriela Herstik