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Journaliste, VICE France.


Heartbreaking Photos from the Life of a Hoarder

Photographer Arnaud Chochon spent a year with Jean, a 60-year-old hoarder whose house is cleaned out once a year, for health and safety reasons.
Glenn Cloarec

Photos of Parisian Bikers in the 70s

Photographer Yan Morvan was one of the first to document the disorientation of young people in the French suburbs.
Glenn Cloarec

How One Survivor's Life Has Changed Since the Paris Terrorist Attacks

"After enduring that, I can get through anything. For about half an hour, I was convinced that I was going to die."
Julia Andreo
The Up in Flames Issue

This Guy Wants to Grant Asylum to All the Stray Cats in Israel

Uri Ariel of Israel's far-right Jewish Home party has suggested that Israel should "transfer stray dogs and a foreign nation that will agree to accept them."
Glenn Cloarec
VICE Loves Magnum

Jérôme Sessini Photographs History's Greatest Losers

The Magnum photographer on fatalism and determinism.
Glenn Cloarec

The French Police Are Protecting Journalists in the Wake of the 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack

Following Wednesday's attack, several Parisian and European editors are now under surveillance.
Glenn Cloarec

Talking to the Brother of the Man Who Assassinated an Israeli Prime Minister

Nineteen years ago, on November 4, 1995, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by a young right-wing militant named Yigal Amir. I spoke to Yigal's brother and accomplice, Hagai.
Glenn Cloarec
Nira Yadin

In Photos: A Pro-Palestine Protest Descended Into Anti-Semitism in Paris This Weekend

One protest in a northern part of Paris turned into a violent anti-Semitic fueled riot as violence in Gaza has caused for mass unrest.
Glenn Cloarec