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scottish politics

How Scottish Soccer Fans Became the National Party's Most Effective Opposition

Primarily aimed at stamping out sectarianism, the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (OFBA) ranks among the SNP's most divisive pieces of legislation. Questions are now being asked about whether the act should be scrapped altogether.
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policing football

The Criminalization of Scottish Soccer Fans

The proposed introduction of facial recognition technology has met with anger among Scottish football supporters, who see it as a further step towards criminalising the fans.
Graham Ruthven

The Bosman Ruling Changed Soccer, But Left Its Namesake Broke

He's battled against depression and alcoholism but, 20 years on from his landmark legal case, Jean-Marc Bosman is still fighting to change football's transfer system.
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remembrance day

Should Footballers Be Forced to Wear a Poppy?

Like all public figures, footballers face huge pressure to wear a poppy for Remembrance Day. But does this undeniably political symbol have a place in the sport?
Graham Ruthven

Doping in Football: Does the Beautiful Game Need to Confront an Ugly Truth?

UEFA has implemented strict new anti-doping regulations, but asserts that football is almost entirely clean. Is the beautiful game really untainted by drugs, or are the authorities being wilfully ignorant?
Graham Ruthven
the beautifully profitable game

UEFA's Nations League Will Only Make the Rich Richer – That's Why it Exists

The new UEFA Nations League will benefit the richest countries and do nothing for the minnows. But what else would you expect from the people who brought us the Champions League?
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a rose by any other name

The Weird and Wonderful Origins of Scottish Football Club Names

What's in a name? For many Scottish clubs, rather a lot.
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dive with me

Should Diving Be Considered an Art Form?

Does nobody appreciate the craft of the perfect dive? Perhaps it's time to reconsider football's dark art.
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walk on with hope in your heart

What Makes 'You'll Never Walk Alone' Such An Enduring Football Anthem?

It's sung at stadiums across the globe and holds different meanings for each set of fans. What turned 'You'll Never Walk Alone' from a showtune into football folklore.
Graham Ruthven

Serena is the Defining Tennis Player of This Generation —​ Male or Female

Now the oldest Grand Slam champ in the Open era, Serena Williams must be considered the greatest tennis player of the current generation — male or female.
Graham Ruthven

The Rise and Fall of Blackpool FC

Sleazy management has seen Blackpool slip quickly from the Premier League to the bottom of the English Championship.
Graham Ruthven

How Frauds and Con Artists Crippled Scotland's Greatest Soccer Club

Rangers FC have won more league titles than any other club, but after falling victim to a string of scammers, the club's future is painfully uncertain.
Graham Ruthven