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I Rewatched 'Pixels' to See How a Fun Premise Became an Atrocity

The Adam Sandler vs. Pac-Man comedy is a bizarre mess of misogyny, bad jokes, and pandering nostalgia.
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Mission: Impossible Is the Best Film Franchise of the Last 20 Years

Marvel, Harry Potter, Transformers, Bourne, the Fast and the Furious—nobody has even come close to touching Tom Cruise's action series.
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The Woman Behind 'Nancy' Has Made an 80-Year-Old Comic Funny Again

The long-running comic was recently taken over by Olivia Jaimes, who's shifted the focus from boomer humor to jokes about Snapchat, apps, and Twitter bots.
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People Are Saying This Christian Surfing Movie Is the Next 'The Room'

'Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear' is a surreal meditation on faith and surfing, with the writer/director/producer also starring as a ghost made of squid ink.
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I Don't Trust Restaurant Letter Grades

A, B, or C? IDGAF. Fancy letter grades doled out by clueless health department inspectors are less important than common sense and letting a restaurant earn your trust.
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Whatever Happened to the Mascots of Our Beloved 90s Platform Games?

From Mario to Donkey Kong to Sonic the Hedgehog, we chronicled the highs and lows for our favorite mascots.
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The Future According to VICE

Social Media Is Going to Get More Anonymous and More Ubiquitous in 2015

The future of socia
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Your Favorite Social Media Platform Says a Lot About You

On the latest episode of the ENTITLEMENT Podcast, we chatted with comedian Matt Ingebretson about YikYak, Tumblr, and feeling uncomfortable on social media.
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VICE vs Video games

Where Are All the Christmas-Themed Video Games?

Most holiday-themed titles are cheaply produced or downright weird, leaving us without a true video game equivalent of "A Christmas Carol" or "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."
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How the Madden Video Game Franchise Got Lazy and Stale

Thanks to an exclusive license agreement with the NFL, the developers behind Madden haven't had much in the way of competition for years, and their games have suffered as a result.
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Bill Cosby Is Losing His TV Show Because of the Rape Allegations

Besmirched by sexual assault allegations, the comedian is on a losing streak with sponsors and television networks.
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The Sega Dreamcast Was Weird, Fun, and Gone Too Soon

History is written by the winners, and in the post-Dreamcast world, gaming has taken a turn toward the epic, militaristic, and cinematic approach. But to me, Sega's failed console will always be the best thing that ever happened to video games.
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