Hannah Harris Green

Hannah Harris Green is a Los Angeles-based writer and radio producer interested in globalization, social justice and the body. 


Rape Survivors Seeking Asylum Have to Prove the Rape Happened or Be Deported

We often talk ruefully about how the U.S. judicial system will “put the victim on trial" in sexual assault cases. But when it comes to people applying for asylum in the U.S., that's literally what happens.
Hannah Harris Green

A Common Antidepressant Might Be the Key to Relieving Extreme PMS

There's an entire medical field around reproductive health and psychiatry, but doctors say the helpful treatments have yet to be fully accepted by mainstream medicine.
Hannah Harris Green

Why Some LGBTQ Parents Still Have to Adopt Their Biological Children in 2019

For a man to establish paternity, all he has to do is sign a piece of paper stating that he is the father with the mother’s agreement. But for a same-sex couple, a genetic relationship isn’t enough—and neither is the consent of both partners.
Hannah Harris Green

Med Students Are Doing Vaginal Exams on Unconscious, Non-Consenting Patients

The practice is still legal in 42 states despite decades-long ethical concerns. In the #MeToo era, things are starting to change.
Hannah Harris Green

What It’s Like to Be a Refugee With an MD

Alithawi is currently a real estate agent and her husband works as a clinical assistant.
Hannah Harris Green

Colleges Are Finally Taking Student Hunger Seriously

New studies show that between 20 and 40 percent of college students don't have reliable access to food. Old attitudes about ramen in dorm rooms are finally giving way to real efforts to help them.
Hannah Harris Green

Can Queer Streaming Services Take on Juggernauts Like Netflix?

Services like REVRY and Dekkoo aim to bring diverse queer content together on one platform. But are their good intentions enough to survive?
Hannah Harris Green

What It's Like to Be Violently Deported from the UK

While the eyes of the public are on refugees' journeys into Europe, we spoke to victims of aggressive deportations from the UK, who say they were "treated like animals."
Hannah Harris Green

De La Soul's New Album Puts a New Spin on the Sampling Controversy

We spoke with Posdnuos about the history of sampling, music lawsuits, and the new method they've developed for this album.
Hannah Harris Green

The Play 'Behind the Beautiful Forevers' Oversimplifies Slum Life in Mumbai

The new play is based on Katherine Boo's book about the lives of families living in Annawadi, a slum in Mumbai. Unlike the book, however, it avoids complex issues in favor of one-dimensional entertainment.
Hannah Harris Green

How Does a Child Turn into a Bank Robber?

Seventeen years ago, three teenagers in Houston, Texas, met in their high school parking lot. They donned disguises, drove to a small local Bank of America, and held it up using an empty shotgun, walking away with $140,000.
Hannah Harris Green

Why an Undocumented Immigrant Outed Himself Twice

For the first 13 years of his career as a journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas did his best to avoid two topics: immigration and himself. That trajectory flipped in 2011.
Hannah Harris Green