Hanne Sonderborg


I Ate Hunter S. Thompson's Infamous Breakfast And I'll Never Do It Again

It sucks to be naked in the rain—especially if your body is full of tequila, bacon, and coke.
Kristian Ejlebæk Nielsen
Ice Cream

Why This Journalist Pivoted His Career Into Ice Cream

"Maybe I miss the adventure from back then, but I don't miss the danger."
Heidi Svømmekjær

Meet the Researcher Making Food Out of Electricity

So far, he's made a powder substance you can ingest a few different ways.
Simon Espholm
Fast Food Week

When Food Delivery Goes Horribly Wrong

Swingers, stoners, and so much nudity.
Simon Espholm
Fast Food Week

Meet the Syrian Refugee Who's Changing Denmark's Burger Scene

"Recently, we took our only normal burger off the menu and said people were going to have to learn to try something new."
Jeppe Øvig

René Redzepi Wants to Teach Teenagers How to Forage

We put his new Wild Food project to a tough test.
Paul Sauer

This Nursing Home Is Cranking Out Some of the World's Best Chocolate

Mikkel Friis-Holm creates his world-famous chocolate at the Hvalsø Ældrecenter nursing home in Denmark, and all of the local residents are cupbearers.
James Clasper

Life as a Restaurant Health Inspector Is Full of Dead Mice and Salmonella

"If you'd ever seen the inside of an ice machine with black mold along the sides, you'd be damaged for life."
Lars Roest-Madsen
hot dogs

This Chicken Tender Hot Dog Is the Mashup We Didn't Know We Wanted

Set aside any concern for your arteries and taste the combination of soft, salty, sweet, fatty, acidic, and crunchy.
Simon Espholm