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'I've Seen Everything': The Doctor Helping Refugee Women Survive Trauma

Dr. Fatema Akter is no ordinary physician. In the refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, she sees up to 80 patients a day—many of whom have suffered horrific persecution.
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What It's Like to Run a Swimming School for Refugees in Your 20s

Meet the young volunteers working to undo the damage that a perilous journey across the ocean has done to refugee children fleeing conflict in their home countries.
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'Why Me?’: When You’re Born Without a Vagina, Cervix, or Uterus

MKRH affects one in 5,000 women—which means that the condition is nowhere near as rare as you might think. For those diagnosed in their teens, sex and relationships are especially tough.
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I Went to an Orgasm Course to Find Out What’s Left to Learn About the Clitoris

According the the people behind "Orgasmic Meditation," no eye contact and a lubed-up hand in a glove are key to climaxing.
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As Rental Prices Rise, Women Stay In Bad Relationships to Survive

With rental prices going up in major cities across the globe, a sizeable percentage of women report being in an unwanted sexual relationship to avoid homelessness.
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What Life Is Like for a Young Muslim Convert

A report released today found that male converts in the UK are routinely misunderstood by their peers, families, and people within their newly-adopted faith. We spoke to Dalton, a Muslim convert, about his experiences.
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Meet the Volunteers Helping Refugees Battle Boredom with Yoga, Circus Tricks, and Storytelling

Aid workers are helping refugees get more than the bare necessities.
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We Asked People in Their 30s If They Hate Their Jobs

A recent study claims 36 is the age people give up on their careers. Do they? We asked some people to find out.
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How I Became a Volunteer Refugee Gravedigger

Adonis Khan quit his job as a mortgage advisor to help refugees in Lesvos. He ended up burying the bodies of those drowned at sea.
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Talking to the Refugee Women Washing Up on Greece's Shores

Women make up 16 percent of refugees to Greece, but they often face unique victimization. We talked to some of these women to understand what their new lives are like.
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Is 'Girl Violence' Really on the Rise?

A new BBC3 documentary aimed to explore female violence and how we view it as a society. But it failed to look at the reasons behind why people lash out.
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The Teen Girls Calling Out Sexual Assault at Concerts

Girls Against wants bands and music venues to know that sexual assault at gigs is a real problem—especially for teenage girls.
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