Ian Frisch


Breaking Kayfabe: An Inside Look at WWE’s Unlikely Business Empire

WWE is one of the most unlikely entertainment empires in U.S. history, but CEO Vince McMahon’s ambitions and management style have left many wondering if the company can continue to grow.
Ian Frisch

Shaq's Next Act: Behind the Turntables

Shaquille O'Neal is happily retired from basketball at 43. But music is his great love anyway, and his DJ career is only beginning.
Ian Frisch

For Sudanese Refugees in Omaha, Basketball is a Beacon for Change

Omaha is home to the largest Sudanese resettlement population outside of Africa, and assimilating can be especially challenging for kids thrust into the public school system. That's where the Omaha Talons come in.
Ian Frisch

Starting Hormones, and High School: A Day in the Life of a Trans Teen

This September, 14-year-old Maya DeLong's first day of school was special. Like 90 percent of other transgender teens, she's faced harassment and bullying by peers at school. But after confusion, health insurance issues, and coming out to friends and...
Ian Frisch

California Healthcare Appeal Sets Precedent for Transgender Coverage

With an estimated 41 percent of trans and gender non-conforming people attempting suicide every year–a percentage even higher for trans people of color–it's imperative that American healthcare providers fully establish a supportive system where...
Ian Frisch

The Struggle for Legality, Regulation, and Safety in Youth MMA

Sixteen-year-old MMA prodigy Reshat Mati fights outside of his homestate of New York while lawmakers figure out how to regulate youth MMA
Ian Frisch

'The Judges Want to See Boobs': How the Competitive Fitness Industry Pressures Women into Getting Breast Implants

Breast implants have become a vital component to success in many corners of the women's fitness industry, which is ruled by conflicts of interest.
Ian Frisch