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I Went on a Hash-Making Holiday in Northern Morocco

Morocco is said to produce nearly half of the world's hashish, and it's estimated that around 800,000 Moroccans work in the industry. For this and many more reasons, the country is toying with the idea of legalization.
James Tennent

No One Is Paying Attention to Dubai's Mega-Rich Rappers

The UAE isn't a country you'd typically associate with hip-hop, but young Emirati rappers don't care about that, and are throwing cash at studio time and music videos in an effort to force their way into the scene. Unfortunately, no one wants to listen.
James Tennent

Moroccans Are Sick of Their Country's Pedophile Problem

When convicted Spanish pedophile Daniel Fino Galvan was pardoned by the king of Morocco last month, ferocious protests erupted all over the country. In response to the widespread outrage, the king revoked the pardon and Galvan was rearrested a few days...
James Tennent

Interviewing the Editor of the Middle East's Version of the 'Onion'

The Pan-Arabia Enquirer is a satire website much like the Onion, but based in the Middle East, a region that isn't traditionally known for being very good at laughing at itself. I got in touch with its editor to find out what it's like running a...
James Tennent
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Is Your Kid an Indigo Child? Congrats on Birthing the Next Stage of Human Evolution

How some parents are denying ADHD in the saddest way possible.
James Tennent

On the Hunt for 'Indigo Children': The Next Stage in Human Evolution

If adults want to call themselves "indigo" because they can't hold down a job or didn't fit in at school, then I don't suppose there's too much harm in that. However, as with most Big Topics—war, famine, runway fashion shows—the whole thing gets far...
James Tennent