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Wendell Lira Trades the Real Soccer Pitch for the Virtual One

Lira spent ten years bouncing around various soccer leagues in Brazil. Now the 27-year-old believes professional gaming can be as financially lucrative as his soccer career—if not more so, given the financial situation of many Brazilian clubs.
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Santa Cruz FC, the Brazilian Soccer Team in the Heart of Zika Country, Is Fighting to Avoid Relegation

"We have to show the city is bigger than Zika. We can't let the bad news win."
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northern irish football

Northern Ireland's Greatest Victory Would Be Eliminating Sectarianism at Windsor Park

Northern Ireland are back at a major tournament after a 30-year absence. As well as battling on the pitch, they've also had to fight to unite a divided fanbase.
James Young

Brazilians Are Talking Politics, Not Olympics, and That Could Be a Problem

With President Dilma Rousseff on the brink of impeachment, among other crises, organizers of this summer's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro could be forgiven for feeling a little nervous.
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Rio's 'Bay of All Delights': The Polluted Waters of The 2016 Olympics

A century of industry and mismanagement has turned the Guanabara Bay from natural paradise to industrial wasteland. Now its pollution may pose a threat to the 2016 Olympic Games.
James Young

Is There a Place for Capoeira in the Olympics?

With the Rio de Janeiro Olympics fast approaching, many capoeira devotees believe their sport, and the Afro-Brazilian heritage it represents, deserves an even bigger audience.
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How Brazilian Soccer Came to Haiti and Haitian Soccer Came to Brazil

The Black Pearls, a Haitian youth soccer team, competed in Brazil's famed Copa São Paulo. The tournament didn't go so well, but simply playing in it was a victory.
James Young

Can the FBI Help Save Brazilian Soccer?

Brazilian soccer is in shambles. But the FBI's investigation of FIFA may spark change.
James Young

Mexico Reportedly Paid Millions to Hollywood for Better Portrayal in Upcoming 007 Film

Backers wanted a non-Mexican villain and a first-ever Mexican 'Bond Girl,' and they got it, as reports say officials paid Hollywood executives as much as $20 million to show a troubled country with a more 'modern' face on the big screen.
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crime & drugs

Leaked Video Shows Reporters Taking Cash from Mexican Drug Lord

A video shows a Televisa reporter and another journalist taking cash from a cartel leader in exchange for tips on how to improve his image.
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