'Drugs Are a Vehicle to Look at Grief': Jeet Thayil on His New Book

We spoke to India's most famous drug novelist about "Low," his third novel.
Jamie Fullerton
Games News

A New Game in China Lets Players Attack the Hong Kong Protesters

'Fight the Traitors Together' is a Chinese game about attacking pro-democracy protesters.
Jamie Fullerton

Meet The Thai UFO Group Convinced That Aliens Will Save Us From Armageddon

The ‘space portal’ where they supposedly chat to aliens was raided, but they aren't giving up.
Jamie Fullerton

Weed Could Once Get Locals Killed in Bangkok. Now Cannabis Culture Is Taking Off

With marijuana legalized for medical use in Thailand, Bangkok’s stoners are emerging from the underground.
Jamie Fullerton

A Chinese Dissident Artist Is Taking Aim at Google for Censored Search Engine

Badiucao’s new exhibition compares Google's censored search engine for China, codenamed Dragonfly, to Donald Trump's wall.
Jamie Fullerton

Scorpions and Tarantulas Crawl All Over Your Coffee at This Cambodian Cafe

Owner Chea Raty started the business with a single iguana, but has since acquired tortoises, bearded dragons, horned frogs, and other reptiles and arachnids.
Jamie Fullerton

A Guide to North Korean Food from a Man Who's Been Eating It for 14 Years

Having visited North Korea nearly 150 times, Simon Cockerell is well-versed in the cuisine of the hermit kingdom. His advice: try the sushi but avoid the clams cooked in gasoline.
Jamie Fullerton
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How A Reality TV Show Has Catalyzed the Rise of Rap in China

Censorship? FOH! Hip hop is blowing up in Chongqing and Chengdu.
Jamie Fullerton

People in Beijing Are Lining Up for Hours to Try 'Cheese Tea'

“It’s basically tea… with cheese on top. Cheese is nice. Tea is nice.”
Jamie Fullerton

Robots Cooked and Served My Dinner

In the Chinese city of Kunshan, a small army of robot cooks and waiters serve dumplings and fried rice to curious customers at Tian Waike Restaurant, and their owner eventually wants his robots to replace humans the world over.
Jamie Fullerton
Did You Hear That?

Inside China's Supermassive Alien-Searching Radio Dish

The 500 meter wide FAST dish has made a poor rural province the center of China's search for extraterrestrial life. But how likely is it the telescope will indeed start intercepting alien messages?
Jamie Fullerton

Meet China’s '100 Percent Self-Sustainable Man'

He wears secondhand socks and brings his own organic vegetables to restaurants in a country where environmental consciousness is still a rare thing.
Jamie Fullerton