Jason Cross

Jason has written professionally about technology and games for about 20 years. He strives to figure out how complicated technology works and explain it in a way anyone can understand.


Ethereum Miners Are Selling Their Graphics Cards

Miners lose, gamers win.
Jason Cross
Right Tool for the Job

GPU Makers Are Now Specifically Targeting Ethereum And Bitcoin Miners

A pair of ASUS cards with few or no display outputs and heavy-duty cooling may be just what the miners are after.
Jason Cross
supply and demand

Apple’s Upcoming iPhone May Be Causing Component Shortages

As Apple gets ready to ramp up production of the next iPhone, competitors are buying up all the DRAM and NAND they can.
Jason Cross
Headphone Silence

When It Comes to Audio Gear, Price and Quality Don’t Always Correlate

Before you pay big bucks for a hot brand, consider the science behind sound quality and price.
Jason Cross
Happy Birthday

The GIF Format Is 30 Years Old and More Popular Than Ever

Technology standards often fade with age, but at 30 the GIF is more popular than ever.
Jason Cross
Taller Is Better

Here's Why Smartphones Are Getting Taller and Slimmer

With Samsung, LG, and Apple (probably) going tall and narrow, the future of phone design is clear.
Jason Cross
Discrete Hardware

Why Dedicated Machine Learning Hardware Makes Sense for Your Next Smartphone

In order to take our phones into the future, we need a new type of co-processor dedicated to machine learning.
Jason Cross
Do It Yourself

Why It's a Good Idea for Google to Make Its Own Phone Chip

The best reason to buy a future Pixel phone might be Google’s custom system-on-chip.
Jason Cross
X Marks The Spot

With Xbox One X, Microsoft Is Killing Console 'Generations'

Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever. Just don’t call it “next-generation.”
Jason Cross
More Cores

Just 3 Months In, AMD’s Ryzen Is Already Shaking Up PC Gaming

We haven’t seen a real battle over performance and value in the CPU market in ages, but Ryzen is changing that.
Jason Cross
WWDC On The Brain

Apple's WWDC, Distilled

It took over two hours for Apple to go through six big announcements. We can break it down for you in a fraction of the time.
Jason Cross
Smart Speakers for Everyone

Apple Thinks You’ll Pay Double for Its Smart Home Speaker

Apple is positioning HomePod as a premium music device, with a price tag to match.
Jason Cross