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What I Learned from Debating Animal Farmers Online

As a vegan, I was personally attacked by some farmers, but many attempted to actually teach me something.
Jessica Scott-Reid

Report Says Canadians Are Obsessed with Looking at Food on Their Phones

We aren’t looking to technology just to figure out what to eat; we are also using it to decide where to eat and who to eat with, even if that means just staying in for some pho and chill.
Jessica Scott-Reid
Foraged Foods

Are Fiddleheads Really a Delicious Delicacy or Just Hyped-Up Hipster Food?

Not trusting my own amateur palate, I sought out two of Montreal’s top chefs, Danny Smiles of Le Bremner and David McMillan of Joe Beef, to get their very different opinions on fiddlehead mania.
Jessica Scott-Reid
ugly fruit

Canada Is Warming Up to Ugly Vegetables

The ugly food movement may have started over in Europe, but it's been steadily moving westward. Now, major Canadian food retailer Loblaw has announced that it will be expanding its line of Naturally Imperfect products nationwide.
Jessica Scott-Reid

A Canadian Restaurant Is Dumping Donald Trump's Name from Its Burger

Last week, the owners of Winnipeg’s Nuburger decided to dump Donald Trump's name from their most decadent and expensive burger.
Jessica Scott-Reid
pumpkin spice

This Is Your Brain on Pumpkin Spice

Why do people lose their shit over anything that's gingered, mapled, and spiced this time of year? I called up a couple of psychologists to find out.
Jessica Scott-Reid

Organic and Fair Trade Foods Might Be Tricking You Into Thinking they Taste Better

According to a recent study, food labels touting terms like organic and fair trade might be tricking you into thinking that your rich, dark chocolate bar tastes extra heavenly, but that's a dirty ruse.
Jessica Scott-Reid

This Pork Starts Marinating As Soon As It’s Born

Cathy Finley isn't interested in feeding her pigs whiskey or weed, but she is raising them to be tasty since birth—and spare the planet in the process.
Jessica Scott-Reid

Meat Marketers Want to Sell You on Humane Slaughter

As conscious consumers are opting for humanely raised meats, butcher shops and restaurants are now taking the next step in telling people that their meat is humanely slaughtered.
Jessica Scott-Reid

A Scientist Has Figured Out How to Determine Chickens’ Sex Before They Hatch

A German scientist has found a method of determining what sex an egg embryo will become, three days after it has been laid. Male embryos can be destroyed painlessly, ending the egg industry’s culling of “useless” male chicks.
Jessica Scott-Reid