On the Run

Meet the Man Who's Just Run an Ultra Marathon on All Seven Continents

Joel Runyon completed the challenge to raise money for Pencils of Promise, a charity that builds schools in the developing world.
Jim Weeks
The F1 Logo Controversy

The Hidden Optical Illusion In the Formula 1 Logo is Tearing us Apart

How much of our world is true to reality, and how much is an interpretation formed by our own beliefs and prejudices?
Jim Weeks
Le Tournoi de France

Remembering Roberto Carlos' Immortal Goal at Le Tournoi

It has been 20 years since Le Tournoi gave soccer one of the greatest goals of all time. Roberto Carlos' strike lit up the competition, but it was England who triumphed in this oft-forgotten international contest.
Jim Weeks
fox hunting

A Political Bloodsport: The Hunting Act in 2017 and Beyond

Prime Minister Theresa May reaffirmed her support for fox hunting last month and promised a free vote during the next parliament, but the bloodsport has never been more unpopular.
Jim Weeks

The Jewish Boxing Champion Who Fell in With Britain's Fascists

A star of boxing during the early years of the twentieth century, Ted ‘Kid’ Lewis ranks among the finest fighters Britain has ever produced. But, when his career in the ring was over, the former champion had a strange dalliance with far-right politics.
Jim Weeks
ron and reg in the ring

The Kray Twins and Boxing: Remembering a Lifelong Passion for Violence

From the boxing booths of East London, the Kray Twins rose to become Britain’s most notorious criminals of the 1960s. Here, we take a deep dive into their lifelong passion for the sweet science.
Jim Weeks
the urge to merge

When Two Remain Two: A Potted History of Failed Soccer Club Mergers

Plans to merge two football clubs are rarely popular and tend to founder, often in the face of overwhelming fan opposition. Here, we revisit some of the grand alliances that never came to pass.
Jim Weeks
marathons for the mind

Meet the British Runner Tackling 44 Marathons in 44 Days

Peter Thompson is about to tackle a marathon in every country in Europe over 44 consecutive days. We spoke to him about what inspired this challenge, as well as his plans to run laps of Vatican City.
Jim Weeks
mysterious minor royals

The Mysterious Nigerian Prince Who Scammed His Way Into Owning an F1 Team

Ahead of the 1999 season, a Nigerian prince became the co-owner of Formula 1 stalwarts Arrows. Before the campaign was over he had disappeared, leaving the team in the lurch and considerable confusion as to his motives.
Jim Weeks
disciples of michael schumacher

In Conversation With Esteban Ocon, France's Newest Formula 1 Star

VICE Sports sat down with rising F1 star Esteban Ocon to discuss the new grand prix season, his old rivalry with Max Verstappen, and looking down on his rivals as the tallest driver on the grid.
Jim Weeks
luis suarez clutching his throat in faux agony

Is Cheating Acceptable in Soccer if it Makes for Great Entertainment?

Barcelona's triumph over Paris Saint-Germain was an incredible sporting achievement, if you ignore the comical dive by Luis Suarez to win a vital penalty. But when the outcome is so enthralling, should we simply turn a blind eye to cheating?
Jim Weeks
football in literature

Sexuality and Identity in Soccer: In Conversation with Author Ross Raisin

In his new novel, 'A Natural', Ross Raisin explores life at the bottom of the football food chain and the question of sexuality and identity within the game. We spoke to him about the book.
Jim Weeks