Joanne Spataro

Joanne Spataro is a writer living in New York. Her focus is on culture, wellness and society. When she's not writing, Joanne loves to eat nachos, buy a magnet from each city she visits, and dance to disco music. 


Can Eating Conch Turn You into a Sex God?

"Some guys eat conch right out of the shell and drink a Guinness stout. It’s a chemical combustion when the two come together. It puts a lot of lead in the pencil.”
Joanne Spataro
Alyssa Edwards

'Dancing Queen' Alyssa Edwards Shares Her Ultimate Guide to Etiquette

The famed drag star shares her guide to manners in advance of her new Netflix show's premiere and an appearance at DragCon on September 29.
Joanne Spataro
LGBTQ health

Here's What Being LGBTQ Can Do to Your Health

Being gay in 2018 means dealing with the health repercussions of old school discrimination plus new, startling research about heart health and cancer.
Joanne Spataro

Baked Alaska Is the Ultimate Gay Food

Fun, flamboyant, and literally flaming, it’s the epic drag queen of the dessert world.
Joanne Spataro
Eat This

Should I Wash Meat Before I Cook It?

Short answer: Your attempt to wash away germs can backfire in a big way.
Joanne Spataro

The Real History of Black and White Cookies

Despite what you may have heard, it was never about racial unity.
Joanne Spataro

The Tea Dance Is Part of NYC's LGBTQ Living History

It's the best way to reconcile your love of partying with your early-ass bedtime.
Joanne Spataro

Doctors Don’t Always Believe You When You’re a Black Woman

Six black women tell us how they had to advocate for themselves in the doctor's office.
Joanne Spataro
Eat This

Is Eating Breakfast Good for Losing Weight?

An age-old question, answered.
Joanne Spataro
You're Smarter Than That

How to Tell the Difference Between a Bad Headache and a Brain Tumor

Relax. It's probably not time to put your affairs in order just yet.
Joanne Spataro
Parental Advisory

More Pregnant Women Are Smoking Weed

New research shows young pregnant women in California are increasingly using marijuana to calm anxiety and morning sickness.
Joanne Spataro
Asking for a Friend

Can I Exfoliate Every Day Without Destroying My Skin?

Your loofah-obsessed friend gives new meaning to the term “rub one out.”
Joanne Spataro