Joel Searby

Joel Searby is a veteran national political consultant and owner of the Sycamore Lane company based in Florida.  He has worked with campaigns and organizations across a wide spectrum of sizes and resources – from local candidates for office to managing a presidential campaign and from small trade associations with a few thousand members to some of the largest with over a hundred thousand members and multi-million dollar budgets.

In 2016 Joel left the Republican Party and his long-time consulting practice to research and recruit for an independent candidacy for president. He then ran Evan McMullin's historic independent bid for president. In 2017 he joined forces with the Centrist Project, serving as Senior Strategist, where he oversees recruitment and resourcing of independent candidates for Governor and United States Senate.

Together with his wife Jen and their children Evan and Lydia, Joel lives in Archer, Florida. He grew up in Normal, Illinois and attended University High School and graduated from Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, Illinois.