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Only Rich Idiots Eat Lobster Outside of Maine

In Maine, lobster is a way of life. We learn about it in school, friend’s parents are lobstermen, and lobsters were even on goddamn license plates for a few years.
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Happy 69th Birthday Agafia Lykov, from Your Friends at VICE

Agafia Lykov, our favorite Siberian hermit, turned 69 today. Born on the Erinat River in Siberia in 1944, Agafia has lived all of her years in the Siberian taiga, roughly 160 miles from the nearest sign of other humans.
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The Grievous Sins Issue

Meet the Last Lykov

When I asked 70-year-old Agafia, the sole surviving member of the Lykov clan, if she wished that the geologists who discovered her family in the isolated wilderness of Siberia’s taiga forest had never found them, she shook her head. “I don’t know if we...
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The Fashion Issue 2013

The Great Lost Expedition Brand

In 1903, during an Arctic mineral-hunting expedition, an geologist by the name of Ben Willis discovered that most clothing doesn’t hold up in 100 mph winds and -60 °F temperatures. Ben returned to New York and started designing garments that could...
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the holy trinity issue

The Loneliest Cowboy in the World

Faustino Barrientos has spent most of his 81 years in isolation. He works as a gaucho—the horse-riding shepherds of the harsh southern swath known as Patagonia.
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VICE Guide to the Apocalypse

Annihilation Education

Let's face it, the apocalypse sounds pretty fucking cool. That's why every generation has an Omega complex. Last-man-standing just seems like a good time. From Revelations to The Stand, there's been many different scenarios about how the Shit...
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