John Rosengren


Don't Tell Paralympic Athlete Mary Kate Callahan She's an Inspiration

"Sure, our disabilities are part of who we are," Mary Kate Callahan says. "But foremost I'm an athlete." And she's one of the best paratriathletes in the world.
John Rosengren

Running Free: Olympic Hopeful Andrew Goodman Is Disproving Lingering Stereotypes About Gay Athletes

Former Colorado State runner Andrew Goodman had to look outside his sport for role models of openly gay elite athletes.
John Rosengren

One of College Sports' Best Dynasties Is Also Its Most Ignored

The Minnesota women's ice hockey team has won more national titles in the twenty-first century than any other collegiate program except for UConn women's basketball. Yet nobody seems to know who they are.
John Rosengren

For Sale: Jim Craig's Olympic Memories

Josh Evans seeks to pull off a feat as improbable as the Miracle on Ice: selling Jim Craig's hockey memorabilia from the 1980 Olympics for $5.7 million. No one has ever sold a collection of sports memorabilia that large for that much.
John Rosengren

From Prison to the Podium

Chad Moye was homeless and high on Oxy when he entered prison in 2012, but running has kept him clean for more than three years.
John Rosengren

The Irreverent Relics of the Baseball Reliquary

It's been called "the fans' Hall of Fame," "the antithesis of Cooperstown," and "the motherlode vein leading to the heart and soul of baseball." And yes, that's a jock strap behind glass.
John Rosengren