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Where the Hell Will These DJs Play Next?

With parties and festivals apparently only as good as their outlandish locations, we've put together some ideas of where they might be heading next.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison

Here's Everything That's Going to Happen in Club Culture in 2017

We've gone all Mystic Meg and worked out exactly what's going to go down this year. Spoiler: it'll involve club closures, Dinner Date, and the biggest all you can eat buffet imaginable.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison

Five Back-to-Work Bangers to Get You Through the Worst Day of the Year

Are you full of existential dread? Ready to quit your job right now? Listen to these songs! They'll help! Honestly! They will!
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Best of 2016

DJs of the Year: Beautiful Swimmers Demonstrate the Power of Collaboration in Club Culture

The DC-based duo embraces an anything-goes approach to two-heads-are-better-than-one mixing.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison

50 Foolproof After-Party Conversation Starters, That Aren't "Did You Have a Good Night?"

Fifty things you can talk about without ever mentioning Donald Trump.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison

Here Are 13 Terrible Conversations You'll Have at a House Party This Weekend

Put that drink down, join me in the bathroom, and let's discuss the future of the left.
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seven most played

You'll Find Balearic, Bassline, and Everything In Between in This Week's Seven Most Played

Start the weekend with music from Lone, DJ Earl, Pearson Sound, and more.
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how to

The THUMP Guide to Sneaking Drugs into the Club

Ten foolproof ways to get your narcotics into the night unnoticed.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison
top 10s

Ten Mixes to Help You Stop Procrastinating and Actually Get Some Work Done

Want to get through another day in the office without losing your mind? We've got the perfect soundtrack for a stress-free afternoon.
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live blog

LIVE BLOG: Aphex Twin's Big Night Out at the Brits

From the red carpet to Alan Carr, here's everything that happened when Richard D James hit the Brits!
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thump guides

How To Talk About Genres You Know Nothing About

Don't know your deep house from your dubstep? Don't worry, we got you covered.
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Valentine's Day

We Made Valentine's Day Cards for the DJ in Your Life

Something for all the sexy selectors out there.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison