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A History of Stargazy Pie, England's Strangest Christmas Dish

Stargazy pie is an odd-looking invention—a dish where fish gaze up at the sky from a buttery crust—but it's more, too. It's said to be born of famine.
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MUNCHIES Guide to British Food

This 70-Year-Old Bar Landlady Has Served Pete Doherty, Nuns, and Dock Workers

Welcome back to Last Call, where we visit watering holes to collect life advice from their trusty barkeepers. In a special MUNCHIES Guide to British Food edition, we meet 70-year-old Sandra Esquilant at London's Golden Heart pub.
Josh Barrie

This Chef Makes Beets Taste Like Beef

For Tommy Banks of the Michelin-starred Black Swan, vegetables should be as exciting (or, in the case of his slow-cooked beets, as packed with beefy flavor) as meat.
Josh Barrie

How an Olympic Gold Medalist Lost a Bet and Ended Up Buying a Vineyard

Daniele Molmenti competed for Italy in the men’s kayaking at the London Olympics. Months earlier, he bet his cousin that if he won gold, together they would buy a vineyard. Molmenti won.
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This 'Butter Pie' Might Be the World’s Greatest Half-Time Snack

A match day favorite at Preston North End Football Club, butter pie is dense and nourishing and a little clammy. Its filling is pure, unrelenting, delicious fat.
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Back-to-Basics Farming Is the Only Way to Save Beef

“It’s quite clear that we should be eating less beef, but to a higher standard.” Here's how.
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This Bar Turned Away Prince William for Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Home of the bankers’ favourite “Flaming Ferrari” cocktail and patronized by celebrities and royalty, Chelsea’s Nam Long Le Shaker was an 80s party hub. Today, the daughter of the bar’s late owner hopes to revive some of its former hedonism.
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I Went to Winterfell to Eat a 'Game of Thrones' Banquet

The shores of Loch Neagh in Northern Ireland were used as filming locations for the first two seasons of Game of Thrones. A nearby pub now capitalizes on the show’s success by running themed dinners for hardcore “Thronies.”
Josh Barrie

How to Grow a World Record-Breaking Giant Oyster

Cultivated on Dorset coastline, Pete Miles' gargantuan oyster is half a kilogram heavier than the current title holder for world's largest oyster. “It would give you a hard-on for a week,” he says.
Josh Barrie

Inside the London Deli Bringing Italian Truffles to the Masses

"My father would have shaved truffles on his pasta once a week," says Stefano Dellutri, co-owner of The Green Truffle deli in Bethnal Green. "Here, it’s seen as some sort of luxury. I think it’s bullshit.
Josh Barrie

Can Damien Hirst Recreate 90s Hedonism with a Pharmacy-Themed Restaurant?

The artist recently relaunched Pharmacy, an exhibition-cum-restaurant that served “Voltarol Retarding Agent” cocktails. It shuttered when the Cool Britannia hype died in the noughties, but chef Mark Hix is on board for a new reincarnation.
Josh Barrie

Fergus Henderson Has Perfected the Art of All-Day Drinking

St. John founder and cheffing legend Fergus Henderson has a carefully honed drinking regime, starting with a morning Fernet Branca and ending with an “uplifting” gin and tonic.
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