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Remembering Things

Here's How It Felt to Grow Up as a Black Indie Fan in 90s Britain

I spent my youth hiding my love for The Smiths from my black mates, and sneaking into venues full of white guys.
Josh Surtees
fuck london week

Police Helicopters and a Shit Load of Ketamine: The Illegal Free Party Scene That Roamed the Home Counties

From the Dartford Tunnel to an airfield in Cornwall, these raves held outside of London were part of an entirely different free party scene.
Josh Surtees

'The Pain Will Never Go Away': Searching for the Disappeared People of Cyprus

Journalist Sevgul Uludag has spent years searching for answers about thousands of people who disappeared during conflict between Greece and Turkey for control of Cyprus in the 1960s and 70s.
Josh Surtees

Haitians Accuse Dominican Police of Covering Up Motive for Lynching

Last week a Haitian man was found hanged in a public square with his hands and feet bound. But amid a growing outcry over anti-Haitian sentiment, police are dismissing the possibility of a hate crime.
Josh Surtees

Why Are So Many More British Women Getting Butt Implants?

Last summer there was ​a reported 13 percent rise in fat-transfer operations—where fat is taken from the stomach or thigh area and squeezed into the buttocks—among plastic-surgery clinics in the UK.
Josh Surtees

Environmental Activist Near Death After 65-Day Hunger Strike in Trinidad

Wayne Kublalsingh is crusading against a plan to build a four-lane highway through a wetlands wildlife habitat in the Caribbean nation.
Josh Surtees

As Jamaica Reviews Its Homosexuality Ban, a Top Newspaper Is Waging an Anti-Gay Campaign

Owned by the millionaire businessman behind the Sandals Resorts franchise, which banned gay couples until 2004, The Jamaica Observer's coverage has prompted an outcry from LGBT groups.
Josh Surtees