Josiah Hesse

Josiah Hesse is an author and journalist from Denver, Colorado, whose new novel about evangelicals, Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star, is now available on Suspect Press. 

'He Was a Sexual Predator' Says Director of New Michael Jackson Doc

Dan Reed, director of 'Leaving Neverland,' spoke to us about his new film, which details allegations of sexual misconduct against the king of pop.
Josiah Hesse

Growing Up Evangelical Ruined Sex for Me

In her new memoir, Linda Kay Klein writes about escaping Evangelical purity culture, and its lasting influence on her life as an adult.
Josiah Hesse

Can a $50 Million Funhouse Save Denver's DIY Art Scene?

Residents of the city seem cautiously optimistic about Meow Wolf's plan to open a new art space in a low-income neighborhood.
Josiah Hesse

I Spent 24 Hours Watching Christian Infomercials

Jim Bakker was once the biggest name in televangelism. Now he spends his days selling survival supplies through an online Christian shopping channel. I spent an entire day watching it.
Josiah Hesse
true crime

What Charles Manson Had in Common with the Alt-Right

Besides fear of black people and anxiety about the collapse of the white race, Manson and the modern far-right also shared fantasies about the future.
Josiah Hesse

Evangelical Hell Houses Are Waking Nightmares

For an ex-vangelical, returning to the fire-and-brimstone attractions can open up old wounds and offer insight into the frightening political vision of the Christian movement.
Josiah Hesse
sexual abuse

Billy Graham's Grandson Says Protestants Abuse Kids Just Like Catholics

Basyle "Boz" Tchividjian is shining a spotlight on the sexual abuse of children in Protestant churches—a scandal he says may be larger than that of the Catholic Church.
Josiah Hesse

Cops Accuse Christian Commune of Abusing and Raping Children

The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps is known for its militaristic brand of religion. This week, cops accused key leaders of horrific acts, including some that resulted in a child's death.
Josiah Hesse

Exorcisms Are Not a Substitute for Healthcare

Go see a doctor, not an exorcist.
Josiah Hesse

You Have No Free Will

According to neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky, all of our actions can be attributed to our biology.
Josiah Hesse
killer clowns

Clown with Bladed Gloves Murders Man and Escapes on Scooter, Cops Say

It all went down in the parking lot of a Torchy's Tacos in Denver.
Josiah Hesse

Needing Proof to Believe in Jesus Means You Have No Faith

The new film 'The Case for Christ​' presents a half-baked 'investigation' of Jesus's resurrection myth.
Josiah Hesse