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Photographer Guy Le Querrec Has Captured France’s Strange Beauty Through the Decades

The Magnum photographer on being true to your roots and what makes a good photograph.
Julie Le Baron

A Perfect 1:20,000,000 Scale Model of the Moon

Oscar Lhermitte and Kudu studio's 'MOON' is one small step for man, one giant leap for globes.
Julie Le Baron

The Laotian Monk Offering Ceremony Is Filled with Sticky Rice and Biscuits

Early in the morning, hundreds of people await the arrival of Laotian monks who have taken a vow of poverty. Locals shower them with homemade sticky rice, and fruit as an offering.
Julie Le Baron

The Vultures Trying to Make a Profit Off the Paris Attacks

Thanks to the rise in internet shopping and on-demand printing, anyone with a computer can turn themselves into a grief entrepreneur.
Julie Le Baron

The Garbage Pail Kids Are Still Horrifying Parents 30 Years After Emerging from Trash Cans

We talked to Mark Newgarden, co-creator of the trading cards, about why they're so popular and why the team never published that drawing of a pickled baby in a jar.
Julie Le Baron

​Astronauts Are Eating Gourmet Food in Space Now

French chef Alain Ducasse is sending roast quail, lemon confit, and tuna casseroles to space.
Julie Le Baron

The Story of Michel Ferrari, the Man Who Stole $44 Million but Never Saw a Dime

He spent eight years in prison for masterminding "the heist of the century" while his accomplices ran off with the money.
Julie Le Baron
The Profiles Issue

Hey Gang, Let’s Explore the Ocean Floor with a Giant Submarine!

Jacques Rougerie is a French oceanographic architect who dreams of conquering the undersea world just as astronauts dreamed of outer space in the mid 20th century.
Julie Le Baron
The Evolutionary Resilience Issue

How’s the Congolese Space Program Doing?

We talked to Jean-Patrice Keka Ohemba Okese, a scientist who founded a company with the aim to send African rockets into space and someday put African satellites into orbit.
Julie Le Baron
The Fashion Issue 2014

Coming Soon: Clothes That Disappear When You’re Horny

In 2012, Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde unveiled his Intimacy 2.0 dress—a haute couture outfit made of leather and smart opaque e-foils that becomes more or less transparent in response to the wearer’s heartbeat. Put simply, this dress becomes see...
Julie Le Baron
The Cultural Atrocities Issue

How a Remote Laotian Village Became Asia's Cancun

Vang Vieng's main street is full of bars screening reruns of 'Friends' and 'Family Guy.' Bars offer whiskey-taurine cocktails served in beach buckets. It’s also easy to score opium, magic mushrooms, methamphetamines, and other substances that could get...
Julie Le Baron

Best Of 2012: The Most Inventive Christmas Decorations

A roundup of our favorite decorations from around the world.
Julie Le Baron