Ten Behind-the-Scenes Photos from a Decade of the Wu-Tang Clan

British photographer Eddie Otchere spent a decade trying to capture all ten MCs together.
Julien Morel

A Dutch Artist Has Shot Twenty Years' Worth of 'Anti-Sartorial' Street Photographs

Hans Eijkelboom has traveled the world shooting street-fashion trends that show that we're all basically herd animals who dress and act exactly the same.
Julien Morel

'Mouvement' Documents the Birth of French Hip-Hop

We spoke to Yoshi Omori about photographing Public Enemy and the notorious Parisian club Le Globo.
Julien Morel

The Prepubescent Spider-Hunters of Cambodia

In the 70s, the Khmer Rouge committed one the 20th century's worst genocides in Cambodia. The genocide reshaped the country’s eating habits. Starving people were forced to find food any way they could—including hunting and cooking tarantulas. Today you...
Julien Morel

Moscow's Real-Life Fight Club Looks Insane

It will surprise approximately zero people that Russia took the film Fight Club really fucking seriously.
Julien Morel
The Syria Issue

Who Loves Ya, Bashar?

In the Gardens of the Trocadéro in Paris, around 40 protestors with signs and whistles gathered around an enormous Syrian flag to show their support for the country’s president. In the photographs affixed to the signs, Bashar al-Assad wears a gray suit...
Julien Morel

Happy Purim from Estelle Hanania

VICE France began working with Estelle Hanania about two years ago when she showed us her photos of weird religious processions in Eastern Europe. The images, which were excerpts from her book, Parking Lot Hydra, brought to mind Sendak's...
Julien Morel
The Teetering on the Brink Issue

Vive Le Nothing!

When you think of the Parisian music scene, does your mind’s eye conjure a photo of Busy P high-fiving Uffie while Olivier Zahm’s latest girlfriend interviews André from La Clique in the lobby of Hotel L’Amour? Is Ed Banger...
Julien Morel
The No Photos Issue

Edrem Are French Shit, But Backwards

Remember the things you drew when you were ten years old? The weird animals, the people with big noses, the goofy monsters, and copious dicks and turds?
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