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Iran protests

This App Is Helping Iranians Beat Tehran’s Internet Censorship

Psiphon, a Toronto-born app, has seen a 1,650% increase in downloads.
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net neutrality

Justin Trudeau Is ‘Very Concerned’ With FCC’s Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality

“We need to continue to defend net neutrality,” Trudeau said, but stopped short of saying he'd speak to Trump directly.
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fake news

Eric Schmidt Says Google News Will 'Engineer' Russian Propaganda Out of the Feed

“It’s basically RT and Sputnik,” he said on Saturday.
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burqa ban

Quebec’s burqa-banning bill is on track to become law

The legislation would bar many public servants — and citizens seeking public services — from wearing face-coverings.
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Neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer moves to the dark web, but promises a comeback

The Daily Stormer has moved to the deep net, after being booted by Google and GoDaddy. But they’re trying to get back onto the open internet.
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Good Shot

Canadian sniper breaks world record by taking out Islamic State fighter from two miles away

The highly-trained special forces soldier, from Canada's answer to Seal Team Six, took aim from an apartment building somewhere in Iraq
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More Warrants Issued for DC Turkish Embassy Brawl

Capitol Police are pursuing charges against 14 security officials, including members of President Erdogan's entourage and two Canadians.
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Warrants in D.C. Turkish embassy protest attack keep growing

Capitol police are pursuing charges against 14, including members of the president’s entourage and two Canadians
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Vice News Tonight

The mysterious sound only Canadians can hear

It’s a low rumbling that rattles window panes and keeps locals up at night.
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Islamic State

An FBI translator married the ISIS fighter she was supposed to be investigating

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Trade wars

Trump slaps a border tax on Canadian lumber, Canada threatens to sue

The aggressive move is sure to put a damper on Canada-U.S. relations, as Ottawa says it could take Washington to court
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Canada Unveils Plan to Legalize Pot

By 2018, Canada will become the second country in the world to fully legalize the retail sale of marijuana. Here’s the full plan.
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