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food waste

Your Uneaten Hotel Breakfast Is Now Feeding the Homeless

A Montreal-based site is connecting hotels and caterers with shelters so that uneaten banquet food won't be tossed into the trash.
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Molecular Gastronomy

Canned Soup and Molecular Cuisine Aren't All That Different

Canada's go-to molecular cuisine expert John Placko spent years as the corporate chef for chain restaurants and food companies. For him, the two worlds actually have a lot in common.
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Meet the Deli Slicer Savior of Canada

By day, chef Michael Olson is a teacher at a culinary school, but on his spare time this chef pimps out vintage deli slicers, turning them into muscle cars of the kitchen.
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Your Local Chinese Grocer Is a Paradise of Pig Snouts and Tofu

Toronto's Chinese grocers aren't just catering to the Chinese anymore. With an ever-diversifying clientele, you can find Filipino desserts and halal meat.
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Fine Dining

Toronto's High-End Restaurant Patrons Are Dying Off

Toronto's dining scene is always described as "up-and-coming" but will it ever emerge from its second-class status? The city's top chefs weigh in.
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I Went to the Oscars of Canadian Cheese

Every two years, cheesemakers from across Canada vie for the title of Canada's best cheese at this awards show where winning doesn't just mean bragging rights, it means skyrocketing sales.
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What Canada's Ritziest Hotel Bar Would Serve Its Ghost

We asked the head bartender of the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, the jewel of the Canadian Rockies, about his animal encounters on his commute and the doomed bride that wanders the hotel.
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This Food Bank Will Turn You Away If You Eat Meat

At Toronto's Vegetarian Food Bank, low-income vegetarians and vegans can get access to fresh produce and meat-free proteins.
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Canadians Have Been Eating Fake Kobe Beef Until Now

Two Montreal restaurants got the green light from Japan to import the legendary beef, giving Canadians a chance to taste this pricey and prized bovine.
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Thai Food

You Have to Fight for Your Dinner at Toronto's Version of Thai New Year

The Thai New Year is all about good food and drenching each other with water. But in a still-chilly Toronto, one restaurant is bringing the outdoor fest inside.
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This Instagram Chef Is Using Hot Pockets to Troll Tweezer Food

Why is an anonymous Instagram user turning corn dogs, gummies, and even TV dinners into beautiful plates that look straight out of a fancy restaurant?
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Chinese food

These Chef-Engineers Are Sticking Air Pumps in Your Dinner

When it comes to perfecting fried chicken, these engineers-turned-cooks have it down to a science. Hint: it involves vodka.
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