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Mexican Cartels Are Arming Themselves to the Teeth With Powerful US Sniper Rifles

High-powered .50-caliber rifles can be purchased legally in most of the U.S. — and they keep showing up in the hands of cartel gunmen.
Keegan Hamilton
Kathleen Caulderwood

These Parents Are Going to War With Anti-Vaxxers on Facebook

A new brand of pro-vaccination parents are heading to Facebook to do battle with anti-vaxx ideas at their source.
Kathleen Caulderwood
climate change

These Climate Strike Kids Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

“We need to be screaming so that maybe people will just listen this time.”
Kathleen Caulderwood

These Old People Love Doing Parkour! (And Nobody Broke a Hip)

This IS your grandfather's Parkour.
Oliver Noble
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Michael Shade

I was a teenage terrorist

Mohammed Khalid is one of the youngest people ever charged with aiding terrorists in the U.S. Now, he’s out of prison and trying to prove he can be trusted.
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Honeybee theft

Stealing beehives is now a thing. This detective is on the case.

Watch Deputy Rowdy Freeman arrest an alleged bee thief in California's almond-growing region.
Katherine Tutrone
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Kavanaugh testimony

"Shocking and disheartening": Students told us how they felt watching the Kavanaugh hearings

To many, the scene that Christine Blasey Ford described during her congressional testimony was a stark reminder that not much has changed since the 1980s
Milena Mikael-Debass
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Tess Owen

Esta bebé de 18 meses se enfermó estando bajo la custodia de ICE. Dos meses después murió

"Ella era todo para mi." Una madre cuestiona el rol que tuvo ICE en la muerte de su hija.
Kathleen Caulderwood
Taylor Dolven

This toddler got sick in ICE detention. Two months later she was dead.

"She was everything to me." A mother questions ICE's role in her baby's death.
Taylor Dolven
Kathleen Caulderwood
california wildfires

California’s largest wildfire ever has destroyed an area nearly the size of Los Angeles

The Mendocino fire complex has consumed an area almost as large as Los Angeles.
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california wildfires

Thousands of firefighters are battling “unprecedented” fatal wildfires in California

More than a dozen are burning across the state that have killed 8 people.
Kathleen Caulderwood
barack obama

Here’s almost 4 minutes of Obama throwing thinly veiled shade at Trump

Obama didn’t mention President Trump by name but talked about leaders who get “caught in a lie, and they just double down.”
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