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The Small Town Gang Murder Broadcast Live on Snapchat

As 16-year-old Cemeren Yilmaz begged for his life, his attackers filmed him and posted the video to Snapchat. The murder was callous, utterly pointless—and representative of so many of the U.K.'s knife crime deaths.
Kevin EG Perry

The Tragic Story of the British Student Who Died During an Initiation Ritual

Ed Farmer's untimely death after a pub crawl is not the first time a student has died after some kind of college induction.
Kevin EG Perry

Legal Weed Is a Reality in America, but Congress Refuses to Admit It

As New York moves toward legal recreational cannabis, the failure to enact nationwide reforms is becoming more glaring.
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Weed Week

I Went on a Tour of America's Biggest Legal Weed Factory

The $15 million facility will have 25,000 plants producing 10,000 pounds of marijuana a year.
Kevin EG Perry

Sex, Death, and Social Media at the Annual Porn Awards

Five female porn stars have died within the past three months. At the AVN Awards, there was a strange mix of acknowledgment and carrying on with business as usual.
Kevin EG Perry

Can Desert Daze Be America's Answer to Glastonbury?

Black metal yoga, the Institute of Mentalphysics, hippies—surely the only thing separating the two is the weather.
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Hey, Adam Granduciel, What’s Your Secret?

With new album ‘A Deeper Understanding’ The War on Drugs' frontman has become a master of riding out his anxiety.
Kevin EG Perry

Killers at 14: The Story of the UK's Youngest Double Murderers

Fourteen-year-old Kim Edwards and her boyfriend, Lucas Markham, were sentenced to life for the murder of Edwards's mother and sister.
Kevin EG Perry

The Troubled Teen Who Tried to Bomb a Train and Wasn't Labeled a Terrorist

Why the then 19-year-old Damon Smith's case wasn't so black and white.
Kevin EG Perry

The Haunting Story of the Killer Cab Driver

After a night out with friends, a young woman disappeared. When police apprehended the suspect, he led them to two bodies.
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true crime

The Life and Crimes of 'Cannibal Cop Killer' Stefano Brizzi

The Italian invited a policeman to his London apartment for a chemsex party, strangled him, chopped him up, and, inspired by 'Breaking Bad,' tried to dissolve him in acid.
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Noisey Show

How Blur's 'Blur' Brought Them Back from the Brink

Burnt out by Britpop and a failure to break America, 20 years ago Blur were disintegrating, but somehow they wrote their biggest song, and one of the best LPs of their career.
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