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Aya Cash Thinks 'You're the Worst' Is the Most Romantic Comedy on TV

'We're all fucked up and you just have to find the right other kind of person who is also fucked up and compliments your fucked up-ness.'
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On MLS's Most Star-Studded Team, Brian Rowe Is the Last Line of Defense

For most of his career, Brian Rowe was an obscure backup on some star-studded LA Galaxy teams. Now he's their No. 1 goalkeeper as the team seeks to win a sixth MLS Cup.
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women's soccer

How To Sell A Soccer Team, Or The Rebirth Of The Boston Breakers

The Boston Breakers are trying to build a winning women's soccer team, and win some fans, as a new addition to a crowded sports marketplace. It's a process.
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keep on chopping

"Redneck Geometry," Hot Saws, And The Bottom Line: Matt Cogar's Rise To America's Best Lumberjack

Matt Cogar learned woodsman sports in the hills of West Virginia, and could become one of the world's greats. That is, if he doesn't go broke first.
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The World's Most Terrifying Race

Extremus is the brainchild of two friends with a shared love for concocting the most intense physical challenges possible. What possesses people to do this?
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Meet the Hardcore MLS Superfans Who Will Do Anything for Their Team

Traveling 18 hours for one game seems like madness, but for a certain breed of MLS fan, it's part of the price of admission.
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Robbie Rogers Is Out, Proud, and a Champion

When Robbie Rogers announced his sexuality to the world, he retired thinking no gay man could play pro soccer. He's since proven himself wrong.
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landon donovan

Scenes From the Career of America's Soccer Hero, Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan played his last game over the weekend and, unlike so many athletes, got to say goodbye on his own terms.
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Charlie Davies' Long Road Back to Stardom

In 2009, a car crash almost ruined the career of one of America's most promising soccer players, but Charlie Davies has regained his form.
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MLS Defender Kevin Alston Is Beating Leukemia Off The Field, And Winning On It

Kevin Alston was back on the field less than five months after his diagnosis. Now the New England Revolution are on the doorstep of a championship.
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Puppet Killer: One Man's Controversial Twitter Quest To Save American Soccer

Ted Westervelt is known in American soccer circles as @soccerreform, a vitriolic one-man army determined to save the sport from itself.
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Lee Nguyen's Globe-Spanning Search For a Home

From teenage American soccer standout to Dutch league washout, Lee Nguyen's journey hasn't been for the faint of the heart, but it's finally paying off.
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