Kevin Wong

Back in Action

'Metroid: Samus Returns' Is the Nintendo Remake We Need

Nintendo dug deep into its archives to resurrect a Game Boy classic.
Kevin Wong
nothing is real

Developers Are Already Impressed With Apple's Augmented Reality Software

"It tends to just work."
Kevin Wong
Reaching Into The Past

Why Developers Are Still Making PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Games

Disney's 'Cars 3' shows developers aren't quite finished making games for previous generation consoles.
Kevin Wong
Pristine Quality

Pixar Worked Really Hard on the Mud in 'Cars 3'

It takes a lot of effort to look this messy.
Kevin Wong
King of Iron Fist

'Tekken 7' Celebrates Ethnicities And Martial Arts from Around the World

Soon, every player will have a hometown hero.
Kevin Wong
Beyond Stereotypes

How 'Injustice 2' Advances the Visual Design of Its Female Characters

Are we scratching our way out of the uncanny valley?
Kevin Wong
Taking Our Jobs

Why Screenwriters Rebelled Against the 'Dystopian Future' of AI-Evaluated Scripts

"You can't quantify a Daniel Day-Lewis performance when you enter a script into this software."
Kevin Wong
remember when?

90s Nostalgia Sells So Well Because We're Chasing Fleeting Happiness

Nostalgia is both fuzzy and insanely lucrative.
Kevin Wong
Turn Back The Clock

The 'Disney Afternoon Collection' Lets Players 'Rewind' Their Mistakes

This collection of 8-bit classics is designed to be easier than you remember.
Kevin Wong
Viral Loop

There's More to the Bears of Olympic Game Farm Than Funny Viral Videos

Adorable, but deadly.
Kevin Wong
Follow The Money

Nintendo Hackers Told Us $20,000 Bug Bounties Aren't Going to Stop Piracy

Nintendo is offering up to $20,000 to white hat hackers who report critical vulnerabilities that could be used to hack its new Switch console.
Kevin Wong
Pour One Out

Mad Catz Couldn't Change Quickly Enough to Save Itself

The gaming hardware designer, known for both cheap and state-of-the-art peripherals, takes a final bow.
Kevin Wong