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The Women and Men Who Get Turned on by Needing to Pee

"Her shorts were totally soaked, and she was also wet all the way down the inside of her left leg. She could tell by my reaction that I was aroused."
Layla Haidrani

The Mirror-Touch Synesthetes Who Can Literally Feel Your Pain

People with the unique neurological condition aren't just sensitive to the emotions and physical sensations of others—they feel them like it's their own.
Layla Haidrani

'Breatharians' Believe You Can Survive on Air Alone

Followers of the controversial diet believe that humans can survive on cosmic energy from air. Doctors and dietitians beg to differ.
Layla Haidrani

We Asked a Vomit Fetishist How The Hell You Get Into That Kind of Thing

"I saw a man vomiting and then I used my hands to pick it all up."
Layla Haidrani

The Topsy-Turvy World of Foreign Accent Syndrome

What if you woke up one morning with a totally different accent? For the hundreds of people with this rare neurological condition, the reality is much more disturbing than you might think.
Layla Haidrani

'Can I Get Rid of My Own Shadow?’: When Twins Try to Murder Each Other

Being an identical twin is nothing like "The Parent Trap." For some, the sibling bond can fuel their cruelest instincts—including a desire to kill their own sister or brother.
Layla Haidrani
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What It's Like to Abruptly Pass Out Every Time You Laugh

For women with narcolepsy, one extreme symptom—cataplexy—can lead to them falling asleep in moments of extreme emotion. Even a simple laughing fit could be dangerous to their health.
Layla Haidrani

Young, Gay, and Muslim in the UK

Many gay British Muslims don't feel that they have to choose between their religion and their sexuality, but not a lot of them are fully "out."
Layla Haidrani