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US Water Is Full of Carcinogens and the EPA Is Moving Too Slowly

Increasing research shows that PFAS is inescapable, but the EPA still hasn't regulated the chemical class.
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chelsea manning

Obama Freed Chelsea Manning Three Years Ago. Why Is She Still in Jail?

Three years to the day after her sentence was commuted, a look at how things got to where they are.
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What It's Like When Your Two Home Countries Are on the Brink of War

As an Iranian American, it's devastating to know that the fears I grew up with are now being passed down to the next generation.
Mana Mostatabi

This Is How 6 Iranian Americans Are Feeling Right Now

"Americans will never be drafted, your lives will never be affected, but the lives of innocent Iranian civilians will be changed forever."
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financial aid

Why People Who Signed Up for FAFSA Are Freaking Out About a Draft

Some people who applied for federal financial aid also signed up for something called the Selective Service System.
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Amber Rose on Unlearning How to Slut-Shame

Rose reflects on a decade spent reclaiming the narrative surrounding her career and personal life.
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Mona Eltahawy Would Like You to Fuck Right Off With Your Civility Politics

"I refuse to allow those who don't recognize my full humanity to expect politeness of me," she said.
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Who Loves ICE?

Your Office's Expense-Tracking Company Is Probably Working with ICE

Still, SAP Concur says that one of its values is to "build bridges—not silos."
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People Are Pressuring the Olympic Committee to Help Shut Down China's Uyghur Camps

"No Rights. No Games." is using the 2022 Olympics to place pressure on the Chinese government to end its persecution of Uyghur Muslims.
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Deloitte Has Made $42 Million Working With ICE This Year

Employees asked the company to cut ties with the agency last year, but Deloitte shows no signs of ending its relationship with ICE.
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How Two Black Girls From Oklahoma Fought Their High School's Head Wrap Ban

Seniors Is’Abella Miller and Delanie Seals have been fighting their school's "culturally and ethnically insensitive" head wrap ban since they were sophomores. A few months ahead of graduation, they've finally won.
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Man Sentenced to 6 Months for Eating a Cookie Is Released

A judge reversed Gregory Fields' six-month sentence on Monday, but his lawyer says similarly disproportionate sentences are nothing unusual.
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