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The Best New Music Festival Is in 'Minecraft'

With sets by Hudson Mohawke and PC Music's A.G. Cook, Fire Festival—no not that one—was an incredibly hype DIY fest put together by some passionate weirdos.
Lewis Gordon

William Tyler Sees Hope in the Dark Heart of America

The guitarist, now based in Los Angeles, confronts global upheaval with 'Goes West,' a new record of "rural new age" as well as some deep thoughts about what's going on in divided times.
Lewis Gordon

Welcome to Oliver Coates' World of Pure Imagination

The British composer's new record 'Shelley's On Zenn-La' shimmers with a rare otherworldly joy. It's inspired by the death of the Silver Surfer and the birth of his son, which makes more sense than it sounds.
Lewis Gordon

The Reappearance of Mark Renner and the Music That Gets Lost to Time

Mark Renner's records of homespun ambience and dewy post-punk were consigned to dollar bins and flea markets for decades. With the help of the Brooklyn label RVNG, he's finally reaching a new audience.
Lewis Gordon

Björk’s Beautiful 'Utopia' Is Hopeful in the Face of Decay

Björk Guðmundsdóttir has always worked together with nature, but on her new album, for the first time, she creates her own ecology. It's a stunning response to our ugly Anthropocene.
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'Where The Goats Are' Is a Bittersweet Rumination on Life and Cheese

Memory of God has created a loving ode to artisanal production in the face of globalization.
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Forest Swords' Latest LP Makes a Case for Compassion in Disorientating Days

Producer Matthew Barnes' follow-up to 2013's 'Engravings' is out now via Ninja Tune.
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David Kanaga’s Dog Opera, ‘Oikospiel’, Is Delirious Protest Art

Seizing the means of production (and a lot of Unity assets), the composer takes on labor, climate change, and the political moment.
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Noisey Interviews

Bing & Ruth on Finding the Humanity in America Again

On their new album, 'No Home of the Mind,' the ambient ensemble find themselves on the cusp of avant-garde greatness. But really, they just want to be human.
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developer profile

How '29' Paints A Personal, Yet Surreal Picture Of London

It draws heavily on the real lives of the two developers making the game. But it also features a literally monstrous roommate.
Lewis Gordon
The Flame in the Flood

The 63-Year-Old Retiree Who Broke A Game Looking for The End of the World

How one retiree's obsession with 'The Flame in the Flood' encapsulates a lifetime of enjoying digital worlds.
Lewis Gordon

How 'Virginia' Found a Voice Without Dialogue

Variable State's new game, <em>Virginia</em>, is a mystery inspired by <em>Twin Peaks</em> and <em>The X-Files</em>. But unlike those shows known for their banter, the characters in <em>Virginia</em> don't say a word.
Lewis Gordon