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Power to the Polls

LGBT Candidate Joan Greene Aims to Prove that Arizona Is Not a Red State

"We all want the same thing. We all want our families to have the opportunities to have what they might consider their American Dream," says Joan Greene.
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R. Kelly

#MuteRKelly Co-Founder: 'This Is Us Saying Young Black Girls Matter'

After learning of abuse allegations against the R&B singer, Oronike Odeleye launched a petition calling on radio stations to stop playing his music. She tells Broadly about finding a campaign ally in #TimesUp.
Linda Yang

Janelle Monáe Is a Powerful Force for Pansexual Representation

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Janelle Monae wants others who are struggling to be their unique selves to know that she sees and supports them.
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trans healthcare

The True Cost of Transitioning Without Health Insurance

If the Trump administration rolls back a law that required insurance providers to cover trans healthcare, many transgender patients will be forced to choose between bankruptcy and necessary medical care related to transitioning.
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It's Been Nine Weeks Since Parkland. There Have Been 17 School Shootings Since

We spoke to 11 students who experienced school shootings after the dawn of the #NeverAgain movement.
Linda Yang

The Woman Who Created a Rotten Tomatoes with All-Female Critics

Miranda Bailey founded CherryPicks—a site featuring all-women critics who review film, theater, video games, and music—as an antidote to Rotten Tomatoes' overwhelmingly male critics.
Linda Yang

A Safe, Effective Birth Control Pill for Men May Soon Be on the Way

A month-long study of a new version of "the pill" made for men shows promising results.
Linda Yang

Fighting Silicon Valley Sexism as a Queer Woman

After years of navigating the industry's insidious "Boys Club" culture, Leanne Pittsford founded the organization Lesbians Who Tech to combat the unique sexism queer women face in the workplace.
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Emma Sulkowicz's New Show is a Thank You to Those Who Supported Them

After bursting onto the art scene with "Mattress Performance," Emma Sulkowicz further explores trauma and creates a literal net-work of support in their first gallery show, "The Floating World."
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gun violence

What It Was Like to Organize the Walkout at My School Today

"What happened in Florida could be something that happens to me—the sad fact is a shootout could happen any day."
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You Know Who Rules?

Raquel Willis: TERFs Don't Deserve to Define Themselves as Feminists

The activist, writer, and national organizer for the Transgender Law Center tells Broadly what cis women can do to actually support trans women.
Linda Yang

'A Triumph for Diversity': Texas Could Get Its First Two Latina Congresspeople

Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar won their primary races last night, putting them on the path to make history in the fall.
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