The YouTuber Who Is Redefining Renewable Energy

With a talent for building DIY powerwalls, Jehu Garcia has become the “reluctant battery king.”
Louise Matsakis
future of food

I Tried Futuristic Alcohol-Soaked Jellyfish and They’re Not Bad

With a little mayo, they’re pretty tasty.
Louise Matsakis

This Entrepreneur Is Growing Organic Leather Without the Cows

Andras Forgacs co-founded Modern Meadow to revolutionize the materials we wear everyday.
Louise Matsakis
invite to the block party

Snowden’s Favorite Ad Blocker Can Now Automatically Detect New Tracking Scripts

Ghostery just escalated the ad blocking arms race.
Louise Matsakis
good ideas

An Etsy Engineer Made Earrings To Hold Your Two-Factor Security Keys

Finally, a useful infosec accessory for a femme audience.
Louise Matsakis
the free and open internet

28 Senators Want the Net Neutrality Vote Postponed Because Bots Flooded the FCC With Comments

"We request a thorough investigation by the FCC into reports that bots may have interfered with this proceeding."
Louise Matsakis
you're being watched

This Is How Much Marketers Know About You Based on One Facebook Like

A new study indicates that it’s incredibly easy to target ads based on users’ personality types.
Louise Matsakis
supreme court

The Future of Digital Privacy Will Be Determined by This Radio Shack Robbery Case

Law enforcement obtained 127 days worth of cellphone records from Timothy Carpenter without a warrant. The Supreme Court will decide now if that was legal.
Louise Matsakis
academic pursuits

The Scholarly Journal for Studying Photos of Mark Zuckerberg

The inaugural edition of 'The California Review of Images and Mark Zuckerberg' was released Monday.
Louise Matsakis
FOIA documents

Here Are the NSA’s Internal Grammar Advice Columns

The intelligence agency’s Grammar Geek explained things like the difference between “affect” and “effect.”
Louise Matsakis
search engines

How Russia Polices Yandex, Its Most Popular Search Engine

Google said it would demote Russia Today and Sputnik, but the Russian government has tried to control what news appears on Yandex for years.
Louise Matsakis
How Hacking Works

The Motherboard Guide to Sexting Securely

These are the basic steps you can take to protect yourself while sending and receiving explicit pictures, videos, and messages online.
Louise Matsakis