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Drug tests

What Happens if You Refuse to Take a Drug Test for Work?

It's a good thing to know your rights.
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Social Media

The New Hot Social Media Trend Is Actually Interacting with People

Instagram's AMA and a few viral Tweets show there's still hope in hell.
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Social Media

A Serial Twitter Follow/Unfollower Explains Himself

"I’m just trying to get eyes on me. It’s a big attention game online... the end goal for me is just be on as many screens as I can."
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What It's Really Like Working for Elon Musk During Tesla Layoffs

It's not actually scary because it's all part of changing the world—and the boss knows what he's doing, right?
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What Life Is Actually Like for Kids in Migrant Detention Centers

"The whole thing is garbage right now. The kids are not being sent to any parent. It doesn’t make any sense."
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This Montana Republican's Insane Campaign Ad Is Racist as Hell

Former judge Russ Fagg warns voters in his state about the famous and well-known direct pipeline from El Salvador to Helena.
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The Chill Woman Who Pwned InfoWars Discusses Life After Going 'Softly Viral'

After InfoWars took down the original video, actress Dasha Nekrasova recently reposted the clip of herself coolly telling street interviewer Ashton Whitty she has worms in her brain.
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Meet the BMX Racer Raising Awareness About Concussions in Biking

"If I'm going to be forced to live this shitty existence, at least I'm going to warn people."
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What We Know About the Two Men Arrested for Bringing Guns to a Pokémon Tournament

James Austin Stumbo and Kevin Norton, both high-level competitors in the internationally popular card game, had traveled from Iowa to take part in the event.
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I Wore a Mechanical Suit Designed to Make Me Feel Like a Decrepit Old Man, and It Worked

It turns out getting old sucks, and we should be way more concerned with it than we are right now.
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Let Three Fireworks Technicians Teach You About Blowing Stuff the Hell Up

While getting wasted and handling explosive devices that scare the shit out of your neighbors is undoubtedly a good idea, it's probably best to leave the larger displays to the professionals.
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Olive Garden Has a Food Truck and Bostonians Are Pissed About It

When the food truck rolled into Boston's North End this weekend, to pass out free breadstick sandwiches, some called it "an insult to everyone selling Italian food [here] for more than 100 years."
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