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Amazon’s New Rationale For Working With Big Oil: Saving the Planet

Amazon has a new justification for forging controversial partnerships with fossil fuel companies.
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‘Incomprehensible’: The Australian Bushfires Are an Ecological Catastrophe

The enormous fires, which are being amplified by climate change, have killed up to a billion animals and may drive species to extinction.
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Decade of Disillusion

This Decade We Became Really, Really Sure Climate Change Is Real

In the last 10 years, our climate models have gotten much better and they all tell us the same thing: We have to act now.
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'We Fear for Our Children:' Alaska Natives Speak out in Climate Change Report

For the first time, NOAA's annual report on the devastating effects of climate change in the Arctic is highlighting the unsettling changes to the lives of the people who live there.
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Mysterious Craters in the Seafloor Were Likely Formed by Garbage, Scientists Say

Scientists were investigating the cause of "pockmarks" on the seafloor when they made an unsettling discovery: thousands of mini-craters, apparently formed by garbage.
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The Other 2020

He Was Murdered in a Hate Crime. She Brought His Blood-Soaked Phone Back to Life.

Microsolderer Jessa Jones is recovering precious data from iPhones that Apple won't fix.
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Baby Fish Nurseries Are Riddled With ‘Prey-Sized’ Plastic, Alarming Study Finds

Fish nurseries near Hawaii contain higher concentrations of plastic than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and baby fish are mistaking this trash for food.
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Today's Electric Car Batteries Will Be Tomorrow's E-Waste Crisis, Scientists Warn

Electric vehicles can help save the planet, but their batteries pose a serious challenge to the world's recycling infrastructure. We need to improve and scale up recycling methods now, scientists say in a new paper.
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These Scientists Are Changing Soil at a Molecular Level to Withstand Earthquakes

Can bacteria help prevent one of Earth’s deadliest geologic disasters?
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Hurricane Dorian Could Pose a Historic Threat to Kennedy Space Center

The forecast is still uncertain, but one possibility is a landfall right near the historic spaceport. NASA isn’t taking any chances.
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NASA Made a Rare Flight Right Through a Thundercloud Formed by a Wildfire

Scientists conducted the most detailed reconnaissance of one of Earth's rarest atmospheric phenomena in a spectacular flight.
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Old Sailor Logs Show How Frighteningly Fast the Arctic Is Losing Ice

Using records from early 20th century ships, researchers are peering into the Arctic’s past to understand the present.
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