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Cow Retirement Homes Are Booming in India — Here's Why

Hindu nationalist groups fighting for the protection of India's cows have succeeded in expanding statutes against slaughter, which have increased cattle smuggling as well as the need for cattle shelters.
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middle east

Kuwait Anti-Terror Program Prepares to Harvest the DNA of Citizens and Foreigners

The unprecedented plan to collect DNA samples from everyone living in Kuwait has rankled privacy advocates and raised human rights concerns.
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This Tamil Rap Group Is Challenging Corruption and Inequality in India

The South Dandies Swaraj are a hip-hop group in Mumbai using their music to talk about street life, slumlords, prostitution, recycling, heartbreak, and Tamil pride.
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Women in Uganda Can't Use Toilets Without Fear of Disease or Rape

In Uganda, only 19 percent of the population has access to toilets that are not shared and that protect them from direct contact with waste—conditions which poses a serious threat to women's health and safety.
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India's Government Doesn't Seem to Care That Husbands Can Legally Rape Their Wives

Indian officials have rejected the urging of the UN and human rights activists that they amend the country's penal code to make sexual assault within marriage a criminal offense.
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Heroin Trafficking from Pakistan Into India Is Crippling an Entire Generation

Addiction along the border has exploded, reflecting a faltering economy and the effects of US policy in Afghanistan, where more of the opiate trade is moving through Pakistan and India.
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Narendra Modi’s Shame: Muslim Survivors of the Gujarat Riots Are Still Suffering

Some 16,000 displaced Muslims reside in relief colonies across Gujarat, many of which lack clinics, schools, and adequate drinking water.
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The Sketch Artist Who Helped Catch Mumbai’s Gang Rapists

Nitin Yadav has been working with Mumbai police for over 20 years and has become something of a local celebrity after his eerily accurate sketches of the men accused of gang raping a photojournalist last month.
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Toppling a Delicate World

That both Bharati and the man she was about to marry were gay was no secret to relatives who participated in the spectacle. Yet, they roared with beetle leaf-stained teeth at jokes like, “Marriage is about give and take. Husband gives money and wife...
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