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What It's Like to Do Prison Time Without Ever Being Convicted of a Crime

We spoke to Moazzam Begg, a British man caught in center of the war on terror, and held for years in prisons around the world for no clear reason.
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The Taliban Is Publicly Executing Women Again

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they would shoot women for so-called "moral crimes" in front of stadium crowds. Activists fear that the terrorist group is going back to the bad old days of public executions.
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How Teen Girls Become Suicide Bombers

As Nigeria continues to mourn its missing girls, new research shows that Boko Haram are using an increasing number of children to carry out bombings. How are schoolgirls brainwashed into becoming terrorists?
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Ireland Wants to Shred the Records of Brutal Operations They Performed on Women

Symphysiotomy was a violently life-altering childbirth operation that was performed on thousands of Irish women without their consent. But the government wants to shred medical records of those who suffered the procedure.
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Thousands React in Outrage Over Poland's Proposed Abortion Ban

Over the weekend, over 15 cities in Poland protested a proposed ban on abortion that would see women and doctors face up to five years in jail. We asked one women's group why Poland is turning back the clock on abortion access.
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Why Indian Women Are Fighting to Pray Inside Their Own Temples

In India, women are banned from entering Hindu temples if they are on their period. But increasing numbers are protesting to demand the right to worship, pray, and menstruate inside religious institutions.
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Atomic Divorce: How Japan's Nuclear Disaster Is Breaking Up Marriages

Five years after the deadly Japan tsunami, married couples in the country are breaking up over disagreements about radiation safety. The phenomenon has led to a trend known as "atomic divorce," or genpatsu rikon.
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Women Are Taking to the Streets to Save London's Beloved Feminist Library

One of the UK's most significant archives of women's history is facing eviction after landlords doubled its rent. We went down to a protest on Wednesday to speak to distraught volunteers and visitors about the potential closure of the landmark.
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Rape Was a Problem in Germany Long Before Refugees Arrived

The sex attacks in Cologne on New Year's Eve have stoked the flames of anti-refugee hatred in Germany. But many women's rights organizations say that the country's problem with rape and sexual assault goes far deeper than the refugee crisis.
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Northern Ireland Politicians Reject Bid to Relax 'Profoundly Awful' Abortion Ban

The Northern Ireland Assembly has shot down proposals to legalize abortion in cases of rape, incest, and fatal fetal abnormality. We talked to pro-choice activists about the disappointing setback for reproductive rights.
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Vote Milk: The Battle for Female Politicians to Breastfeed at Work

Last week, Australia lifted its ban on breastfeeding in parliament. But for other female politicians round the world, feeding their children at their place of work is a lot more complicated.
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Filipina Comfort Women Demand Reparations from Japan

While Japan has officially apologized to South Korea for enlisting women as sex slaves during World War II, Filipina victims remain unacknowledged in their struggle for justice.
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