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10 Students on Visas Talk About Getting Deported If School Doesn't Resume

"I’ve been expecting ICE and the Trump administration to use the pandemic to make it harder for people to come back or leave the country all together."
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Why Juneteenth Feels Different This Year

"It sometimes feels like we have very little to celebrate even though we are 'free.'"
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Donate to These Orgs to Support Black Trans People

Black liberation will never be possible without uplifting and protecting Black transgender people and communities.
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The VICE Guide to 2030

For Many Young Trans People, YouTube Is a Mentor

As a trans minor, finding accurate information about the practicalities of living as a trans person can be difficult and overwhelming. YouTube has changed that.
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What's the Difference Between Non-Binary, Genderqueer, and Gender-Nonconforming?

A beginner's guide to the differences and similarities between three of the most common terms with which people outside the gender binary identify.
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15 States Have Passed New Laws to Protect Women After #MeToo

A new study shows that the movement has made tangible waves beyond the media.
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Lawyers Are Furious That Immigration Courts Are Getting Rid of Interpreters

The change could mean many immigrants will be left in the dark during their own hearings.
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Christians Care About Climate Change If It's About Saving 'God's Creation'

A new study shows that climate change can be more of a Christian issue—if we speak their language.
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Natural Hair Is Protected In California, But the Bias Is Far From Gone

One in five Black women feel social pressure to straighten their hair for work—beyond explicit policies requiring it.
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Here’s What Immigrants Think About the Fourth of July

“When I first came here, I was very into the idea of America as the land of opportunity for all, but now I know that the idea of equality in this country is a farce.”
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Work Sucks, Especially When People Get Your Pronouns Wrong

Seven trans and non-binary people share what it's like to be misgendered at work, and what to do about it.
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year in review

15 Albums That Got Us Through 2018

Both sonically and lyrically, these works moved the culture forward when everything seemed to be moving backward. Here are our favorite albums of 2018.
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