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Judge's John Porcelly on the Band's Triumphant Return to Hardcore

The influential guitarist looks back on the old days of DIY venues and zines.
Matt Saincome

Road Justice: Trapped Under Ice and Angel Du$t Frontman on Life in the Van, the Return of TUI and More

Justice Tripp talks the return of TUI, Angel Du$t, and more in this new interview
Matt Saincome

Smash Some Stuff and Do Jumping Jacks to The Coltranes' 'The Cat of Nine Tails' EP

Temecula, CA's weirdest punk band talks the blues and being banned from info shops.
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We Talked to the Pro Wrestler Sgt. Slaughter About His Music Career

How the famous wrestler maybe inspired every hipster synth-pop record ever.
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Woah, Dude!

Good News for Touring Musicians: You Can Finally Bring Your Goddamn Guitar on an Airplane

No more broken necks! All U.S. airlines are now required to accept guitars as carry-on baggage on commercial passenger flights
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Is a Desktop Record Cutter on the Way?

Does a fully-funded Kickstarter hold the key to the future of vinyl?
Matt Saincome

I Employed a Team of 'Virtual Dating Assistants' to Manage My Online Love Life

Scott Valdez, 30, the CEO of, charges anywhere from $380 to $1,320 a month for this service, depending on which package and how many "guaranteed dates" his clients buy.
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The Golden Shower Challenge Is the Ice Bucket Challenge of Pissing on People

It's almost exactly like the Ice Bucket Challenge except, instead of being doused in ice-cold water to promote awareness for ALS, participants are urinated on in the name of testicular cancer.
Matt Saincome

For Horny Hypebeasts, Popping an Air Max Bubble Is the Ultimate Climax

In the sneaker-destruction community exists a group of people who get off on videos of people popping the air pocket on their Air Max sneakers. The videos, which are mostly shared on YouTube, start in a variety of ways but always end with the same...
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