Matthew Francey

In Memoriam

The Prodigy's Keith Flint Showed 90s Kids We Could Be Fearless and Raw

The frontman, who died at the age of 49, will inspire a generation with his wild legacy in electronic music.
Matthew Francey

DJ Koze’s ‘Knock Knock’ Is a Love Letter to the After-Party

Usually, dance music is for the club or the comedown. But with his latest album the German producer has gifted a soundtrack to the sesh.
Matthew Francey
Deep Ass Questions

An Interview with Actual Galway Girls About *That* Ed Sheeran Song

Pouring one out for the ladies of Galway, subject of some of music's worst songs.
Matthew Francey
thump's guide to freshers' week

A Love Letter To Fallowfield, Manchester’s Lost Student Paradise

To some, maybe even you, the bad old days of Fallowfield might sound like Saló by way of Salford.
Matthew Francey

Fleetmac Wood Turn Your Parents Rock Classics Into House & Disco Anthems

Stevie Nicks never sounded so good in the rave...
Matthew Francey

An Interview with One of Greenpeace's Freed Arctic 30

Frank Hewetson has been released, but is still facing charges and seven years in a Russian jail after protesting deep-sea drilling in the Arctic Sea.
Matthew Francey

The Colorado Town Promising to Shoot Down Obama's Surveillance Drones

No one likes drones. But it's not just killer war drones making us uncomfortable. This year has seen vast advances in the domestic use of surveillance drones. The people of Deer Trail, Colorado, have decided to do something about it. They are trying to...
Matthew Francey

Watching Three People Share a $384,000 Burger Is Surprisingly Boring

As the world’s population hurtles toward an estimated 9 billion by 2050, global food shortages are becoming a very real problem. It’s obvious that the meat industry as we know it is unsustainable, but for the vast majority of us, the prospect of...
Matthew Francey

Henry Hargreaves Photographs Death Row's Final Meals

Henry Hargreaves is no TV chef. Rather than trying to save the country one school dinner at a time or “throw together a crostini,” he’s made a name for himself recreating the last meals of various serial killers on death row and presenting them in a...
Matthew Francey

The Boy Wonder of the British Far Right Is Sad That Thatcher Died

The response to Margaret Thatcher's death has been mixed—some loved her and others loathed her. One opinion of Thatcher that is backed by a lifetime of worship is Jack Buckby's, founder of the National Culturists. The National Culturists are a far...
Matthew Francey

This Guy Wants to Start His Own Aryan Country

You know who really gets the shitty end of the stick nowadays? White people. Sure, they come out best in socioeconomic standings and suffer no persecution for the color of their skin, but they have to put up with non-white people living among them. The...
Matthew Francey

Amit Drori's Robotic Wooden Animals Are Like A Da Vinci Drawing Brought To Life

The puppet master’s Savanna: A Possible Landscape uses wooden sculptures to portray nature’s beasts.
Matthew Francey