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clean water

Take a Dip Into the Internet of Lakes

Smart lakes and smart forests are helping researchers understand how we’re hurting nature—and what we can do to fix it.
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virtual reality

With VR History You Can Hear the Bombs Drop in Trafalgar Square

VR engineers are wading through archival records and code to recreate our most important moments.
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quantum supremacy

IBM Just Made a 17 Qubit Quantum Processor, Its Most Powerful One Yet

IBM, Google and others are racing to achieve quantum supremacy.
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humans of the year

Christine Curry Is Helping Expecting Mothers With Zika Prepare For an Uncertain Future

The Florida doctor is one of the leaders in the fight against the debilitating disease.
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Green Buildings

Chicago Says It Will Make All City Buildings 100 Percent Renewable By 2025

The Windy City wants to switch its municipal buildings entirely to clean energy in eight years.
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humans of the year

São Paulo’s Traffic Jams Are So Bad, It Made Mariana Avezum Design a Hyperloop Pod

The 27-year-old is still motivated by the legendarily bad congestion she experienced during her youth. Now she's helping build an alternate form of transit.
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100% Renewable

Meet the Republican Mayor Fighting for Renewable Energy in Louisiana

Greg Lemons says energy independence is a Republican value too.
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humans of the year

Nine-Year-Old Mari Copeny Is Still Fighting For Clean Water In Flint

The fourth-grade activist has met with three US presidents, celebrities, and more in her quest to save her hometown's water supply.
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Farming in 2017

The Most Useful Tool on the Modern Farm is Data

Data miners are now courting the agriculture industry in a big way.
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Silicon Valley, Florida

Florida Wants a Slice of the Tech Industry

But the state's niche markets might be getting in each other's way.
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sunny-side up

Farms Are Turning to Solar as Electricity Prices Soar

Solar energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels for many large farms.
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Future of Farming

Forget CES, The World Ag Expo Is The Hottest Tech Trade Show

Motherboard visits one of the world's biggest farming exhibitions to find more gadgets than grain.
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